Got Caught In the Act of Wearing Diapers

I didn't make Babysitting a number 1 way of earning money when I was 16. Instead I worked for the Rod & Gun Club because they tipped well. However whenever Amy's parents needed to take a break I would get the call and joyfully lend my services. It was the excitement of being around kids that were in diapers well after the "norm" were potty trained. Besides Amy was quite cute for a 13 year old girl. I should add she was also a bit more developed than an average girl her age. She also wore diapers full time and it showed or at least I was very aware of her padded bottom. One of the things I thought was cool was the fact that Amy didn't show any remorse about being diapered. It was just another part of everyday clothing to her. I got a call during the week, I think it was a Thursday, for an overnight sitting job from Amy's parents and without hesitating I accepted. I was going to go bowling in an AYA tournament but the lure of seeing Amy in diapers was overwhelmingly powerful. Guess I had way too many hormones bouncing around my body at 16. Friday till Saturday evening was the time frame I was needed so I had a Sunday to do other things if I wanted. To tell the truth I cannot remember Amy's last name or even her younger siblings names, so I'll call them the "P" family. Mrs. P. was at my house when I got back from doing the lawn at the Rod & Gun. I didn't realize the time as it goes by fast when you get busy on a job. I looked at the clock in a glimpse noticing I was a few minutes later than I planned on so I didn't have much time to get stuff ready for this overnighter. I grabbed some jammies out of my dresser along with a change of pants and sox, tossed them into a paper grocery bag and left the house with Mrs. P. She seemed a bit rushed because we must have been going at least 15-20 mile an hour over every posted speed limit sign. I was briefed on what the agenda was going to be along the way to the Ps' place. It was no more than 10 minutes, after I got there, when Mr. & Mrs. P. flew out the door. In that short period of time I had a phone list along with a ton of other information for the "just in case" flying at me with light speed. I understood most of the instructions and bid them a good trip. Amy was a good kid and knew what all was going to be needed to get through the night and next day. Mr. & Mrs. P. did this thing a lot from what Amy told me so where I lacked in areas she could lend a hand. She also told me that the Ps' went through a lot of sitters because of the diaper thing. Not many sitters were as patient as me I guess. Besides Amy did most the diapering. She was sort of the Mommy when mommy was away. The only thing Amy wasn't capable of using was the stove so that was up to me. Thank goodness I liked to cook.                                            The other 2 kids were outside in the backyard playing so I went to the patio door and announced rather loudly that Mr. & Mrs. P. had left and that it was close to dinner time. I could see they played well together and let them do so while I found what was for dinner. There was a note on the door explaining what was planned for fixing dinner. All I had to do really was warm up some spaghetti and open a can of peas . Nothing  to it I thought to myself however there wasn't anything like a desert made. I rummaged through a couple of cupboards and found some Jello pudding mix, something I was an expert on, so I made a batch. The pudding was the vanilla tapioca that had the hard chocolate topping. I found some small plastic cups to pour that cooked mixture into and some fancier whine glasses to take the rest of the pudding. I admired my cooking skills for a moment before I put all the containers into the fridge. Dinner was just about done and I asked Amy to get her younger siblings in. When they entered the house a rather pungent odor followed them. I wasn't an expert on little kid odors but I knew from other encounters that one of these kids had droopy drawer syndrome. Amy smelled it too and gave a big "Whoooo weeeeee" noise. Before I could say anything, Amy grabbed the wrists of the lil funkies and escorted them into their bedroom. I had everything done in the kitchen so I tagged along to observe. I helped Amy ***** down the stinky pair so they were just in their wet and soiled diapers. It wasn't just one of the younger kids but both had poopy pants. I was excited by the thought that these kids using the diapers they wore for what a baby would need them for. My **** went stiff in an instant and I felt a warm rush flood through my entire body as I stared at the messy pair. Amy took each kid, one at a time, Into the bathroom laid them on the floor and peeled the gooey diaper off. Using the unsoiled part of the diaper she wiped of the clingy stuff from their butts, and deposited the ikky diaper in a metal hamper filled with some liquid to keep the odors down. Amy worked swiftly and had both younger kids back in fresh diapers and rubber panties. I helped with the hand washing. When the diaperings were done I ushered the small kids to the table and got them seated. They were only wearing diapers at this time and my ***** was getting more painfully. I yelled for Amy because it seemed like a long time since we finished washing hands -n- stuff. When she got to the table I saw that she had changed clothes. I had to ask why and the response was quick and without guilt. Amy wets herself whenever she has to change diapers. It's like an automatic reaction with her. Boy did I feel small. I got dinner to the table, portioning out what I thought I was a doable serving for the little ones. I asked Amy how much she wanted before I laid her supper down. That girl can put away the chow for such a petite girl. I finally sat down with my plate. Nobody was eating I saw when Amy said her Dad says grace before eating. I managed a little something, stumbling on a few of my words, to get this group grubbing. The spaghetti disappeared rather quickly but the peas lingered. Knowing I had a treat in store I made an announcement. I said if the peas, which weren't many, were finished up I had a surprise for afterward. There was a lot of grumbling and moaning for a while but they did eat the peas. I cleared the table and broke out the pudding. I don't think I have ever witnessed eyes as big and round on a kid before. ( I found out later that that sort of thing wasn't an every day thing.) Desert was inhaled by the younger kids and it showed, everywhere. face, hands, and bare belly's. What a messy deal that was. I got a washcloth and did the honers of mopping up the little kids. They had wet diapers again. I sarcastically mentioned that they were just changed and what a bunch of tinkle tots they were. Not quite in those words of course. Amy was savoring her pudding when she herd me Say the baby's need their diapers changed again. I could see she wasn't happy about putting down the sweetness she was enjoying so much just to change a bunch of pissy diapers so I told Amy she could finish her pudding first. She smiled and went back to dipping the tip of the spoon in cool pudding and making sure that when she ate what was withdrawn  her spoon was licked completely clean.         On and on I drone but I was very proud of my first dinner sort of as the head of household.                                                                                                                                                                Diaper time again. I assisted Amy this time by fetching the diapers and rubber panties. Amy said to bring extra diapers because this diaper change was going to be for bedtime. Not sure what extra was so I got a stack of about  10 diapers figuring I could put the rest back. Curity cloth diapers were what people used before Pampers and maybe we were smarter back a few years ago. I watched as the diapers were folded with an intensity I thought not capable of myself. First two flat then three folds with 3 diapers so they were a third the width. The 3 placed on the 2 flat then all folded together so there was about 2/3Rd's. the length. The thicker end was pulled together at the corners to make a sort of triangle with the tip broke off.  Wet diapers off, a bit of mop up with a warm washcloth. Fresh diapers replacing the wet. I felt chills running through my spine and I knew I had to try this on myself. I made my plans silently trying to cover any event that might happen. Amy and I led the the little kids to their room so they could put on jammies. The kids were finally ready to hit the hay when it was time. I turned on the TV (Black & White) turned the tuner to Lawrence Welch adjusted the rabbit ears the best I could and settled in on the sofa. Amy went to get herself ready for bed at that time. The kids were glued to the tube when Amy came into the living room. Just like the first time, Amy's thick diaper showed through her thin cotton nightie but this time she had some frilly Lacey panties on under. ***** city for me again. I just had to get some diapers on if this is the result of just seeing bigger kids in them. Lawrence Welch was over so off to bed with the little kids. I wasn't going to miss The Twilight Zone and at the time it was a show little kids didn't watch. Amy was older so she could stay up for a bit longer. I would make my move after she went to bed. Time went by slowly. I was trying to watch the Twilight Zone but found myself watching the diapered butt of my ward. She lay on the floor with her butt up and the diaper she wore was oh so baby like. My heart wouldn't stop racing. Finally it was time for Amy to sack out. She went to bed without any coaxing. I waited for about an hour after Amy went to bed and it seemed like forever again. I peeked in on all of the kids to make sure they were asleep. Like stones they lay. I made my move and headed for the diaper supplies. I took out 5 Curity diapers and found some of the larger rubber panties. Being as quiet as possible I went into the bathroom and ******** off my pants and underwear. Geezzzuuuzzzz. My ***** was purple and the hardest I ever had. I imitated the folds I observed Amy doing earlier and wallah. I shook like I just saw a real ghost and my ***** pulsated rhythmical. I sat on the diaper I just folded and pulled it up between my thighs and over my dingaling. It was Heavenly when I got the diaper pinned on. When I pulled on the rubber pants the tightness was enough to make my ever throbbing ***** fly loose. I made a sound that I thought would wake the kids but they were no stirrings that I could hear. I lay there exhausted for a long time and my **** was pulsing over and over. When I regained my senses and strength I put my pants back on hiding the diaper I now wore. I stumbled over something going back to the living room and woke Amy up. I was on the sofa when she appeared. She asked what the loud thump was and I told her I dozed off and fell of the sofa. She asked if I was OK. I assured her I was fine and I just need to get some sleep. I pulled it off I thought smugly to myself because Amy was satisfied with my answer. Then a thought crossed my mind, I was the babysitter and she needed to go to bed but before I could mention it Amy was already on her way. I followed her as the room I was going to sleep in was in the same direction. Amy stopped for a moment to bend over and pick something up. I had knocked over a statue of some kind. As she bent over I could clearly see her diapered butt and even in the dimmer lighting I could see she was wet. Then the throbbing started again. I made sure Amy was back in her room before I went to bed.                                                                                 I was sleeping in Mr. & Mrs. P's room on a huge bed. The bed made crinkling sounds as I sat on it. It was one of those plastic mattress covers. I really didn't pay much attention to that fact. i just wanted to get my jammies on and get some sleep. I did a lot of hesitating before I took my clothes off and put my jammie on. I was still in the diaper and I had to look in the big mirror on the dresser in Mr. & Mrs. P's room.  My diaper was quite showy. It made the same big bulge I saw through Amy's nightie. I turned to every angle possible to see myself in this bulky diaper. I was loving the look. I finally went to bed. My ***** was steel hard when I pulled the covers over myself. The pressure and the excitement of what I look like in a diaper and the Thought of seeing Amy's wet diaper all combined so when I rolled on my belly it was enough to burst my ***** again. I finally went into a deep sleep. I didn't care if the  world came to end or not, because my body was already in Heaven .                                                     (   more to this experience comming.    )                                                                                                          Morning came and the kids were awake and Amy had already changed their diapers. When I woke I was surounded by the younger kids asking me what was for breakfast. With one eye half way open I looked at the blur that was making those sounds and said that I'll be up in a moment. Something felt different to me but I couldn't put a finger on it. Still in a daze and with my body numb from deep sleep, I managed to toss the covers away from myself. I rolled off the bed, stumbling  back a step or so, till my legs were firmly underneath me. Still uaware of what it was that felt different I heade down the hall. I got half way down the hall when I heard a door open. It was Amy and I was in full view. She just looked at me like I was some kind of zoo animal then walked right passed me on her way to the other kids. Too late for trying to conseal my diapered state, A sudden rush came over me like when fear strikes and I peed in the diaper I was sporting, Good thing it was thick. Yelling down the hall I told the kids I had to take a shower and for them to watch TV or something untill I was done, I went into the bathroom and pulled off my diaper tossing it in the hamper with the rest of the wet diapers, Nobody will even notice the extra load because there were diapers everywhere in this household, I showered quickly and got dressed, When I entered the living room the kids were ingrossed in a cartoon show and didn't pay much attention to me, I went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge to see what I could do for breakfast, I suggested a couple things and the general answer was French toast which is one of my specialties, I'm not a bad cook and I make the best French toast I ever tasted, While mixing up the batter. Amy came into the kitchen and sat at the table, She looked puzzled and then mentioned that she didn't know I wore diapers, I dropped egg shell in my batter when I heard this, I made up a quick excuse about being in a strange place and the diapers were there and I was really nervous so instead of wetting somebody else's bed I wanted to be safe, She seemed to have bought the excuse, The rest of the day was uneventful and evening came rapidly,

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remember the feeling of my best friends mother as she diapered both of us from 8 th grade thought high school

Made me hard I. My diaper.

I can easily recall those days. It was the late 60s/early 70s. Disposables were new, and available, but in my neighborhood, the infants and toddlers wore cloth diapers and plastic vinyl pants. Sometimes, with no other pants on. I remember seeing the mother, who lived across the way, walking down the street with her toddler in a stroller. It was obvious to anyone that all he wore was a short-sleeved shirt, tennis shoes, Curitys and Gerber baby pants. I felt very envious. I wanted to be in his place. Really just to escape from the stress in my life.

Great story so far, it is so cute that Amy wears diapers!

what kind of rubber pants were they

The vinal Gerber with snaps and pull on were the newest diaper coverings and every family that had somebody in diapers used these mostly. I was also given some of the rubber baby pants but didn't like the smell of the wet rubber.

what does it feel like when you poop in a diaper

wonderful - if it is a true story, I am insanely jealous

The events in this recollection are true and are the reason that I do not see how wearing diapers can create such a fuss. Being incontinent myself I can understand why Amy's entire family never put hardships on themselves because of their need for them. I certainly am thankful for that understanding.

did the parents wear diapers

The entire family used diapers. The parents met at H.I.P. meetings and were soon married. Genes were passed down the line,for lack of a better explanation. The mother had come from a long line of incontinent women and I think the father was injured in the Korean war.

the story was great i wish i could feel a diaper on my body im aroused by the look but feel has never come as a chance to me

Loved it! But can you please clarify your second excuse when she noticed you where wearing the diaper?

I thought by explaining a biological event, that happens to everybody with weak bladder control when nervous, Amy should be able to relate to wearing diapers to prevent an "accident".

Ohhhh thanks I get it now. That makes a lot more sense.

also grew up in the 50,s and 60s where all you had was cloth diapers and cloth training pants and rubber pants

Hey that is one of the best stories that I've read. I want to be friends with you.

Amy was UI as were the other girls. The boy was just in diapers because it was a family thing. Where did "purple poo" come from???? LOL ~~~> Theory: somebody was reading a different page and clicked the wrong thing?

Poo? He was talking about something else... Not poo...

did amy just pee in the diapers

the feeling you dicribed here are very similar to want i had when putting on diapers at that age.

Love your story. I grew up wearing cloth diapers so I can relate. Kelly.

I liked it,haveing grown up in the 70's,back when all diapers were cloth,so of course my love of diaper is for cloth and rubber pants,maybe I should share the story of the first gal my age that I saw diapered,I swear I was so hard I thought it was going to break off,I like the story I have some really great true stories to share,because I was blessed with looks,and I take care of my body,every gal I ever met feels its ok for me to wear and use my diapers I have neard gals explaining to there friends that its all right,because they believe that I have a high I.Q.,but in time I will share,I have an account with diaperspace

Great story so far!!!

The experience is incomplete because I can't seem to get it to go on the end of what I already have written about it. I'll try again later.