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Wearing Diapers In The Hospital

Has anyone ever been changed while in the hospital?

I have hydrocephalus, and have been in the hospital several times due to issues surrounding this condition. Hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain", is when cerebrospinal fluid doesn't drain properly and instead continues to build up pressure inside your brain. It compresses the brain from the inside out and pushes it out against the skull. One symptom and/or effect of hydrocephalus is incontinence. The times I have been in the hospital, I have had the pleasure of being in diapers and being changed by the nurses. What a rush it is! When I checked in to the hospital the first time my diaper was leaking and hey found out very fast that I wore diapers. The next few times I was there, it was on my profile, and the so loudly asked when I checked in if I still wore diapers.

My diaper changes in the hospital were something I looked forward to. Whenever the nurse came in she would ask if I needed a diaper change, and pull my gown up to check the otside of my diaper for herself. I went braless in the hospital, too. Most times they were always done by a younger nurse, and they always had to wash me warm soapy water...that was the fun part..especially when I had pooped. My **** was throbbing each time they washed me. There were a couple times I think the nurse knew I was horny as she "washed" my **** such that my legs started to buck... One time, I did ***.....It was obvious. I didn't know what to say, other than ' I needed that'. The nurse didn't say much...but strangely didn't really seem embarassed either.. I didn't see a wedding I think she may have been a lesbian. I was discharged a couple days after the day that she made me ***...I never got to see her again.
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I have had my diaper changed in the hospital and it was no big deal!

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I know I have replied once already to this thread, but since then, I have been in the hospital while diapered, even was transferred from one hospital to another in just a hospital gown and diaper. Both hospitals were very professional about helping me with my diaper changes. I even went into surgery wearing my diaper and when I came out, they had put the diaper back on me. I no longer even worry about going to a doctors office, hospital or to have test. Since I have to wear diapers, as long as I am as professional about having to wear and use them, they will be too.

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hi wow that is scarry asking if you still wore diaper in a loud manner was very rude of them well I guess it ended well for you

What an interesting story, Pampers. Sounds like a great experience. I wonder if they do that sort of thing for any woman who seems to need it...and then I wonder if they do it for the men, too. Let us pray...

as well as being incontinent i have cancer and need a lot of time in hospital after surgery i and confined to bed so i have to have a diaper on and get changed by nurses

i have been changed also. it freaked me out a lot seing as when i woke from surgery i was bowel incont.
by the third change i took matters into my own hands!

i have been lucky enought to have my nappy changed by a nurse in hospital a couple of times and loved it.

I had a diaper removed and a catheter put in, that was fun!

That's wonderful, I wish I could help you out with diaper changes. I have a whole new problem myself to add the the multitude I already have. I haven't written about this yet but will do soon.
Good luck and best wishes to you.

I was in the hospital for surgery when I was in my 40's, and they removed my appendix and some gangrenous tissue. When I woke up there was a pile of disposable diapers on the table next to me. Needless to say my hands went straight down under the sheets to check. Nope. Nothing there. Nonetheless the stack remained there for the entire 3 days I was in, visitors and all. It kind of gave me a rush to know that people had to think I was wearing them.

I have been changed in the hospital since I am Urineary incontenent I have to wear diapers and if thay were not changed thair would be a big mess

I´ve been in hospital when I was around 10 for a minor surgery and because I woare diapers I was in the area of the little ones. but I was not the only older child and not the oldest in diapers. there were at least 2 older then me ... I think 12 or 14 and we were changed like the little ones without any comments ... ;-)

WOW - Cool story, thanks for sharing. I guess nurses have seen it all anyway!

I never had my diaper changed in a hospital.

Glad you had a good experience in the hospital. So far, I haven't had to stay over night but there have been times I had procedures done that lasted all day and a few times, nurses had to change me because I wasn't/couldn't move to do it myself.<br />
<br />
I now have it in my medical records not to use Foley catheters which will mean if and when I am in the hospital I will have to use diapers.

When I was 9 I broke my leg and ended up spending 3 weeks in the hospital but to make matters interesting the day I broke my leg I was wearing a diaper under my pants and by the time I got to the hospital it was soaked. So they start to cut my jeans off me to get at my broken leg and when they get to my crotch they discover my soggy diaper. I don't remember what was said at the time, just that I was changed into a new diaper which I messed shortly thereafter. I barely remember that diaper change as the general anesthetic I had been given started to kick in, I only remember grinning from ear to ear when the nurse asked me if I had pooped my diaper. I spent the entire time I was at the hospital in diapers, not only that but my mom decided to keep me in diapers after I was released from the hospital seeing as I couldn't use the toilet with my cast on so I stayed in diapers for 3 months

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Sounds like the best outcome out of having to be in the hospital.

i love it this story thanks