Girlfriend Makes Me Wear Diapers...

About 2 days ago i was coming home from work and i really had been speeding, i was speeding because i had to poop, but i wasn't going to take a stance and take a Ca-ca straight into my panties.Then all of a sudden a cop pulled me over and i had really had to go poop, as soon as the police came to my car it was a woman she was like license and registration mam, i had shown her my silence and registration, then the woman was like do you know why i stopped you?And i was like yea i was speeding and the ***** cop was like precisely you were speeding so i explained my little predicament with the cop saying i had to go poop.And she was like oh you have to go poop? then she was like let me help you! She wrote me up a ticket and it was 56 Dollars, then i was like thank you officer! And the officer was like it was my pleasure mam no need to thank me! and she left. At first i was all like mad at the officer ***** cop then i had forgot i had to go poop.Then i started my car and left.After like 20 minutes later of traffic i get to my house! First i thought thank god! Until i had got to my door and put in the key... I had put in my car key into the key house hole and i was like my mistake, Then i put in my regular house key and opened the door. I get to my living room like 4 seconds later and my girlfriend Christina was in the kitchen listening to some spanish rap song and she was like hello Jessy! And she walked over to me and took my hand and we started dancing, then i was like oh no! and couldn't hold in my poop any more and escaped a firm load in the seat of my panties! Then i was like oh my god! did that just happen? tell me that didn't just happen! And then my girlfriend was switching to the tango and put a hand on my ***! About 2 seconds later she was like what is this? Jessy did you just poop your panties? Then i was like no! you crazy delusional a screw ball! And she was like oh yea? let me check! She grabbed the back of my pants and pulled them. Then she was like so you did poop your panties! And i was like um i can explain! And she was like course you can and she was like lets sit on the couch! And she grabbed my hand and layed me over lap! And i was like please dont spank me it was an accident! And she was like aw it was an accident well my baby has to learn her little accidents! Starting with this one and started spanking me! While she was spanking me she was like from now on you will be kept in diapers! Every second of every day! And i was like no! and she was like no?! DO you think i am going to let you ruin your panties like this?! And she started spanking me again! Until i agreed! THE END!
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My issue was similar, I wet the bed one night after getting drunk. I don't remember too much but when I woke I had a towel under me, the bed was damp and I was in a Depends diaper. My girlfriend told me that she woke up to me wetting the bed and she got so mad she drove across town to the 24 hour Rite Aid and got diapers to teach me a lesson.

Right before we slept the next night I drank a bunch of milk in front of her as a joke that I was going to wet the bed and she diapered me. I didn't resist and enjoyed how gentle she was when diapering me. By the end of the week we had used all the Depends and she asked me if I enjoyed being diapered, I told her that it made me feel like a baby and I liked that feeling.

We found much better diapers and a few other baby items and clothes, she even plays the mommy role better as the years go by. Sometimes I have to make her stop making my little wee-wee jokes but I can't complain too much because I haven't used a toilet in the last year. The only tough part is when she wants me to be her baby girl and dresses me up.

I have one question. I love to wear diapers by the way. But, how old are both of you, and what sex are you both?

Why didn't you leave her and I'm a little slow in my brain are you both girls because I love the same sex community I think it's cute

me too

are you allowed to change youself?

im not i have to wait for her