Back In Diapers By My Babysiter

Is been about eight years ago. I had just gotten out of school for the summy break. My mother worked days so she hired a high school girl to babyset. We had my baby sister who was still in diapers and one sister who was 3years old and one brother who was 4 years old. I also had one older brother who was in the 6th grad and one older sister who was in the 8th grad. The babysiter put my younger brother and ycunger sister in diapers because when they got out of bed in the mornig their bed were wet.. Anne Marie the babysiter found their wet sheets when she was doing the wash. They had to go around the house and out side a few times with a t-shirt and their diapers on as part of their punishment for wetting there beds. When the sheets were done washing she made them go out side and hang them on the clothsline. She told them you weren't to embarrast to wet your bed so you should not be to emmbarrast for people to see you wearing diapers. She told them that if they not wet or mess in their diapers for three hours she would take them out of their diapers for the rest of the day. When I first saw them walking around in their diapers I started teasting them and saying things like diaper baby. Anne Marie heard me teasting and call me to come see her right now. When I got to her she took me into my baby sister's and told me to remove my pants then she said your underpants because you wont be needing them for a while. She told me to get up on my baby sister's changing table. She got some of my sister's diapers and told me you are going to be wearing diapers for a while just like your brother and sister for teasting them about wearing diapers. She said she would be checking my diapers in about three hours, but if I find they are wet and or messy you going to be wearing diapers the rest of the and to bed to night. When she check my brother's and sister's diapers they were still dry. We she checked my diapers 3 1/2 hours later my diapers was wet. I had tried to ask her earlier to us the toilet but she just said she was talking on the phone and would just have to wait. I tried to us the bath room but she had the door locked because of my brother and sister being in diaper. When she checked my diapers she found that I was not only wet but messy as well. She said you really do need to be back in diapers. She told me I would be wearing diapers for the rest of the day. She said in front of my brothers and sisters that would be wearing diapers for the rest of the day and that I was not to us the toilet in the bath room. She told them that if they saw he heading for the bath room to see what I was doing. She said that if they saw me tring to us the toilet they were to stop me before I could and say that what your diapers are for. They were to bring me to her and she would give me a good spanking while changing my diapers. She change my diapers 5 times that day. She said you need diapers more than your baby sister does, I only had to change her 3 times to day and she had only one messy diaper and you had 3 messy diapers. After dinner was over she let me stay up until 7pm then she said it is time for babies to be in bed. She took me and my baby sister up to my sister's room and she told me you will be sleeping in here night with your sister because the diapers are here and I can hear what is going on in here on the baby monitor. She said she would be able to hear if my baby sister needed something and she would here me if I tried to get up to us the toilet during the night while she was. She me that I was not to go to the toilet but was to us my diapers.

I am not sure what time my mother got home that night. She works 8-10 hours a day. I was a sleep when she came home. The next monring she gave in about 8 to check my baby sisters diapers. She was dry and not messy. When she came over to check my diapers she found out I was both wet messy. I tried to talk with her about why I was wearing diapers she just told me she heard all about it from Anne Marie and who she had to change my diapers 5 times with 3 times being both wet and messy. She Ann Marie was right you do need to be in diapers. She said your little sister is just about potty traind and will be wearing training panties until she is fully potty traind but you are going to be wearing diapers until Ann Marie tell me you are asking to us the toilet and you are not wetting and or messing you diapers.She said the longer you keep wetting and messing your diapers the longer you will be wearing them day and night, Ann Marie was babysitting us every day during the summer. She would not let me us the toilet and after about a week she told me to stop asking because it was not going ti happen. Every day and night I had to wear and us my diapers. She was telling my mother that I was never asking to us the toilet and she was changing my diapers 5-6 times a day both wet and messy. My mother ordered 6 dozen large prefold cloth diapers and 1 dozen pair of plastic for me wear. I had wear diapers and plastic pants for the rest of that summer. Ann Marie would not me wear any thing that would cover up my diapers. I told her I wanted to wear something over my because did not anybody to see me wearing diapers. She said that I didn't have anything to hid that more people than babies these days were diapers. She said that the more that people see you wearing diapers the more I would get used to it. She said most people these days done care what other people are wearing. She said they will just think that you have to wear diapers reason and they will be right you do. I had to wear diapers every day and night that summer. By the end of the summer my little sister was completly potty traind and wearing little girl panties I still had too wear diapers and plastic pants.

Just before school was going to start my mother said Ann Marie said you are still wetting and messing your diapers. She said tha she is sure don't know you need to go until after you have start and or finished wetting and messing in your diapers. For you it just happens before you know it. She said she needed to take me shopping for cloths for school that would fit over my diapers. I told her I didn't want to wear diapers to school. She said she had all ready talked with my school nurse and teachers I would that year about my needing to wear diapers to school. The teachers were OK with it and the nurse said she have delt with it with other kids before and she would check my diapers through out the and change my diapers when they needed to. She said she had no problems with changing wet and or messy diapers.

That started the summer of 2005 and I am still having to wear and us diapers 24/7. I am not in any other way treated like a baby. I don't sleep in a crib. I don't us a high chair. I don't us a play pen. I don't drink from anything but a cup or a glass. I don't weae any cloths that are meant for a baby but diapers and plastic pants. Yes during the hot summer weather I still only wear a short t-shirt with my diapers showing clearley to ever one, My mother said it is not so much that they see you wearing diapers, but so you et use to being seen in your diapers. She told me to just look around and you will see things for older people and for kids that are no longer baby but still need to us diapers. She said they now have adds for them on TV, I think I saw that their are 14 million people in the US that are incontinent. She told me that I just have to get us to having to wearing and us diapers. She took me to see my Doctor about my problems, she had some test done. She said the test showed some nerve damage the in my lower spine that control my bladder and bowels. She said that is not going to get any better but will get worse with time. She said that because of not using the mussels of my bladder and bowels much they are have atrophied because of lack of us. She said I would never be able to have much if any control over my bladder and bowel that I am incontinent and I it well be a lot easier fore me when I totally execpt it.

Sorry to wtite so much these is my first time talking to any one else about my being incontinent and wearing diapers. My mother found this web site and thought if I told other teens about my incontinence it might help me in dealing with it by seeing that I was not the only teenager still wearing diapers. There are some out there that might say it is not true, but then there are still some people who think Obama was not born in the US and there for can't legaly be our president.
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Ur right about OBAMA and when do you think ww3 will start and please send me messages concering these 2 topics

um this doesnt make any sense if you wore diapers because your babysitter was mean than just not use them when she isnt around ask to go to the toilet when your mother is home or tell your older brother and sister tell someone else<br />
also i am not a gramma nazi or anything unless its a simple word its spelt USE not US maybe you would have a problem if you learnt to spell simple words

Are you incontinent due to the diapering or were you always incontinent?

Like your story :D<br />
Is it real and where do you live