I Wear Diapers

I wear disposable diapers 24/7 because I am a daywetter and bedwetter, because I am incontinent.
Howieboy Howieboy
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I to wear diapers all the time so I know what you go through in a day if you ever need some one to talk to I'm hear to listen or help

Hi babyandy22 I would like to talk to you

This story got over a thousand views??? HAHAHAHA!<br />
wow, It's not even a story.. It's just a statement :/ <br />
Isn't that what the "confessions' section is for? lolz just saying :3

I notice you rushed over here for a look! If you have nothing constructive to add, just Go elsewhere

U Tellem jbz2079 ! Short but to the point is all some people need anyway.

Nothing wrong with that!

Have you tried Sanctura?