I Choose Diapers As My Underwear

At last!  A serious group about diapers, probably the first, apart from my own, to treat diapers other than as a fetish or a medical need.

I too wear diapers as my regular underwear for reasons of health, comfort and convenience.  I have a website campaigning for the acceptance of diapers both as regular underwear by choice and as a natural treatment for bowel disoprders.

I'd love to have a forum discussion with you guys.
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I too choose diapers as my underwear. I see nothing wrong with them wearing diapers and diapers to me double as underwear and a pair of shorts all in one. Diapers to me are very convenient and let me get through the day, stressfree, and I don't have to worry about finding a toilet.

Yes... diapers is a regular thing in life for me. In fact my daddy puts me in two disposable diapers. That way I waddle like a baby. I love it, and I wouldn't change anything in the world. Wearing diapers and being a baby is the life.

One can think of diapers similar to cooking on a fire. Sure we have a microwave, that is one technology, solution available to us...but we still use the old fashioned first way to cook, when that solves the problem or need.

For non medically required people diapers are similar. I personally like them involved in a fetish, but even if you don't....they are a great tool that maximizes personal freedom. I can't imagine going to professional football game without them. From a pure accountant mindset thing of the $$ wasted going to wait in line to pee. The headache and hassel of stopping on road trips. I can't imagine why any woman would going skiing without a diaper and be proud of the sense it makes. Stay hydrated at altitude doing exercise and not have to figure out five layers of clothing just to pee.

I Know that from my experience exactly what many first time people who are thinking about reverting back to diapers/nappies for health or other reasons will Un- doubtably ask one very simple question this being What does it feel like to wear nappies again after many years of not wearing them, well I can answer this question on the subject of diapers or nappies are very comfit able & come in a variety of sizes, styles & colours, my preference is for the all white ones, wearing them feels at first strange but overtime you get use to them but this soul-dent be a concern as it's only natural to be concerned/self concisions about whether or not some one will notice the fact your wearing nappies don't be put off by peoples opinions some may call you babyish or weird for wearing them but ignore them, on to what it feels like when you put one on but also some helpful advice:

(1) you will undoubtedly feel the plastic against your skin as you put one on.

(2) you will feel the inner core getting tighter around your bottom

(3) you will feel it tighten slightly as you unfold the wings into place you will feel them as you do the sticky labels on.

(4) you should feel some sort of warm feeling once you do them up it may be cold at first.

(5) as you walk around they may crinkle or make a plastic noise don’t be deterred by this its only the outer layer you may also feel the leg guards or leak guards around your legs don’t be afraid to adjust the sticky labels if they are too loose or to tight as most nappies will allow for refastening as long as you don’t get any cream or powder on the sticky parts.

(6) you should feel totally at ease wearing them hopefully you wont notice your wearing them as they are just under garments like regular underwear only more absorbent

(7) after you have used them it is best practice to take them off clean yourself up & re-start the whole process again otherwise you may have a nasty rash or be very smelly as this can be very un cool.

(8) it takes an full amount of courage to tell some one that you are having problems with Incontinence then please don’t be to embarrassed to ask for medical help from your GP/Doctor as this could literally save your life particularly as the symptoms you are going through may be a warning about something more sinister in terms of health, but don’t worry if all you have is like myself over active bladder as there are many ways you can over come or get this treated without having to go through sugary/hospital tests which maybe too expensive or not suitable ask your doctor what’s right for you in your particular case as everyone’s different and medication may not be suitable in some cases it can make things worse, As for myself I take Vasicare tablets once a day, but also wear nappies as a pre-cautionary measure as I know if I have an accident its embarrassing

(9) If you have always had to wear nappies then disregard the advice above as or your parents/guardians will probably have already taken this step.

(10) and lastly do what ever feels right for you & don't let other people get you down as I mentioned above there is help out there if you need to talk to someone in confidante/private if you decide to abandon diapers or nappies after some time as its not a cure then well done for you as diapers are only a means to an end and not the solution they are just a good way of managing this problem but not the only one & should viewed as such please keep in mind nowadays nappies aren’t just meant for babies or the elderly As 1 in 5 percentage of young people some were in the world under the age of 40 will experience this problem at sometime in there lives, so your not alone in this situation I Hope this provides some insight and help for people like yourself should you choose to revert back also never forget buying nappies online has never been easier or speedier but keep in mind it does have a downside this being the cost to the environment & to your wallet, so do what comes right to you & remember that this is only advice & not the holly grail so be carefully, I hope that this is helpful to people like your self as we are not alone so don’t feel isolated or ridiculed bullied by any body as your choices in how you live your life & it's none of there business.

James Jackman


Posted on: 10/9/2013 @ 20:37 Pm (British Standard Time/GMT)

I love too wear diapers I have ben in them for 18 years what brand do you like

I am not sure if you ment me or somone else, I wear Drydayz or Cudlez nappies/diapers they are super absorbant I alsowear Boots Staydry Slips in between ordering nappies on-line as they are comfortable although they are less absorbant.

Your account reflects much valuable experience - albeit not always pleasant. Wearing diapers 24/7/365 becomes a way of life, so that the inconvenience of changing and cleanup becomes "built in" to everyday life. Changes can be scheduled if your diaper product is well fitting and absorbent enough. Often people make the mistake of wearing a thin product for convenience, only to find that leakage occurs.
By far the most reliable are cloth diapers worn in layers and pinned with a vinyl pant covering it. But over several hours they become heavy and tend to droop. So a balance has to be found for enough diaper and to minimize the inconvenience of changing.
If you are out and about, then a good disposable is needed to minimize the amount of diapers you have to carry around.
I find that a small gym bag with fresh disposables, plastic bag, wipes and powder is necessary if I am away from home more than 3 hours. It is always good to have at least one extra diaper change with you to "cover" any situation!

honestly people should accept the fact of dl's as its their decision and its not like its effecting others. diapers should be accepted for an underwear substitute if needed or not.

I wish that the world would accept, as you have said, diapers as a regular underwear selection. My mother did and would allow me to wear diapers whenever I felt the need. I like to just wear and rarely used them for their intended purpose but have when the need presented itself. Growing up Mom would diaper me at night as a pajamas choice or when something had me upset. This started back in the fifties so the diapers of choice were thick cloth diapers, diaper pins, and plastic pants. With six sisters in the house they had many occasions to fill in for Mom in my diapering. I was never teased or humiliated for my diapers and several times wore them for the entire weekends when home from school. Today in more modern times I buy the usual AB DL adult baby diapers and wear them full time. I am not an adult baby but I guess I am a diaper lover because of my life long lifestyle selection to wear diapers full time. I have many friends that are very aware of my diapers but do not know why I wear them, most think because of medical problems. Wouldn't they be surprised!

I agree that maybe someday manufacturers of adult diapers will come together to make them in assorted patterns or prints. Tena and the Depend people have come up with patterned pull-ups, but for those, like myself depend on a disposable diaper (tape on variety), the patterns and prints are limited right now. Quality Diapers do have some printed ones, but they are designed for a younger set. Regardless of what type of prints or patterns they place on adult diapers, it still will be obvious that we're not wearing boxer briefs or plain cotton briefs... as we wear diapers, no getting around that. So far, a plain white disposable is what I wear, such as Secure X-Plus, the newly acquired Tena Slips brought into the US or an Abena diaper. Since I've worn diapers all my life... I'm accustomed to them and have ways to muffle the crinkle sound of the plastic outer shell of my diaper.

Jeez! I had almost given up! I really thought the hang-ups would even be too much for the evacuationally-challenged (new word?). I really have to press on with this thing for everyone else's sake. <br />
<br />
Our underwear will never be socially accepted until we can get round the prejudices that diapers are (a) only for babies and (b) look like a hospital dressing. <br />
<br />
There are anough adult diaper wearers in the UK and US, if we get together, to lobby for a "product line". <br />
<br />
Why are there no .....pinstriped, tartan, multicolored, polka dot, textured, football logo, floral, gothic, japanese anime, denim or even Stars'n'Stripes/UnionJack design diapers for adults ? <br />
<br />
I recently messaged "Quality Diapers" in the US who produce these for teens >>> (googlesearch - quality diapers star diapers). Yeh, they are a kids print, but at least they ain't a butt-bandage! In truth they are hardly that "childish" and are one step from the adult "fashion diaper". I would feel a lot more content in a designer nappy and I would wear the Star Diaper to start with. <br />
<br />
If designer-didis ever hit the catwalk, just watch the hang-ups disappear! Does anyone want to join me and put some effort into this? <br />
<br />
My site time-expired (Geocities), so I shall put up another. Watch this space.... you won't need a toilet break in your diapers (hell, that was funny!) <br />
<br />
Yours enwrapped <br />
Seann Odoms

Whaddayamean there aren't any denim diaper supplies for adults. I got myself a NEW sewing machine and intend to fix that minor issue, at least for myself. LOL I also am not going to make my stretch denim items look like some kind of clinical wrapping. I found that there is an abundance of iron-on appliques that will put the "Cute" in pocket locations and none that I will use are going to be something a doctor ordered. If ya know what I mean. Wink wink nudge nudge.

in response to quality diapers they say for big kids and teen but i am in my late 40s and i have been wearing them for the last 3 years i only regret that i didnt find them when the bmx diapers were being made. i found quality diapers right at the end of bmx and the start of rcd/race car diaper and i think they are awsome. so dont let the big kids and teen stuff fool you. they also have a new size 2xl for big people.

Great story

cool story

Do you buy the diapers in the store or do you wear the cloth diapers from years ago?<br />
<br />
My wife and I go on trips occasionally, and will take a few diapers bought from the store. They don't seem to last very long as they rip and the leg holes pull apart. Should a person wear a plastic panty over the diaper?

all i have to say abena abri form M4 "best diaper ever" long 15 hour card rides ,no problem no leaks :3 ,i buy from north shore care they mail it in plain bown box :D bit costly next to store brand at 25-30$ based on size lets say the large or L4 is 12 while the M4 medium is 14 to a pack , skinny people get more :P altho not skinny my self M4 fit snuggly and bulky at the saem time and its hard to get the to leak .
if you only change your diaper when it leak your gona find your self in a diaper for 24 hours with a bad rash xD

@SeannO - Thanks for posting that endorsement.<br />
<br />
I'm hoping that you don' t mind my commenting on your original post, since you mentioned some disdain for all of the fetish or medical posts on the topic. The truth is, there is a major blend of "our" side of the story, with yours and with the "endorsement" above. I've always considered myself "a fetishist" when it comes to diapers, but it's a confusing term, at best. Yes, what started out in my very early years as a "turn on", and eventually became incorporated into my sexual life, could be considered a fetish. But, at the same time, the reasoning behind my current attraction to diapers is more in line with your desc<x>ription of your needs as being more "health, comfort and convenience" oriented. I totally understand why anyone would come to this conclusion that diapers are convenient, and yes, comfortable, as well. And, I fully concur that holding-one's-water for extended periods isn't really all that healthy, either. So, in the final analysis, if you can look past the more common fetishistic behavious associated with diapers, you'll probably find that many DL's are in this for mostly the same reasons as you describe. AND, I am differentiating between AB's & DL's in this particular instance, because I believe that AB's are definately into it for a lot more than just convenience & comfort. My guess is mostly they're in it because it immerses them in a childlike place, free of adult choices, and gives them a regression therapy unlike any other. I can understand that totally, and like to occasionally go there, but in the main part of my life, I'm all about the comfort and convenience, as well as the health aspects of wearing & wetting diapers. I've also had a recent round of IBS, with DIRE NEEDS to find a bathroom quickly and purge (never have missed the porcelain, yet...), and YES, holding that stuff in can & probably does do damage. STILL, I'd never consider that a convenience to poo myself - but I would consider wearing a diaper (under those circumstances) as a protection against further humiliations of being caught out-and-about without one as a (mental) health benefit, should that particular need ever arise.<br />
<br />
What I'm trying to say is that, mostly what we read and hear about in forums like EP & other sources on the net is that diapered adults is (usually/mostly) all about the sexual aspect of it, or the more imersive AB side of things. I'd like to think that, like you, I have a personal choice in what type of underwear I wear. I'd also like to think that it's no one else's business, BUT MY OWN, what I choose to wear, any more than my telling someone that they shouldn't wear a thong or that boxers are lame. Yes, my choice to wear diapers does double duty, but isn't that a benefit of them that should be considered by others before they judge those of us that had this in our brains before we ever knew what an O-rgasm was?<br />
<br />
Ok, enuf said. Hope you understand our/my point of view. I do understand yours, I think.ABDreamz<br />
<br />
BTW, at EP I go by the ABDz nick, but that is just about the early fantasies that drove me to where & who I am today. I personally like stories of regression, and don't want to give that up, but I could just as easily do away with that nick in favor of something more appropriate. I just hang onto it so people know who I am deep down in my netherlands...

<br />
Dear Mr. Odoms,<br />
<br />
I hope you do not mind the contact I read your article about Men Wearing Nappies posted on About.com. I found what you had written interesting to say the least. At first the subject matter took me by surprise and I briefly reviewed your article. I came across your article in my research regarding my own similar health related issue. At first I thought I was taken to the wrong thing. Like you I am not a medical professional but suffer from bowel issues. Actually I noted your article first thinking not for me, but eventually some time later came back to it and read it in its entirety. <br />
<br />
Much of what you wrote made a lot of sense about nature already having conditioned our bodies to take care of itself but we as a society change that conditioning. For a long time I have suffered with bowel problems that doctors could not truly say what was causing my pain and discomfort. There were many tests over the years with no answers only causing addition pain and discomfort along the way. I had even changed my diet several times tracking food and beverage intake hoping to find an answer in what I was consuming. All in all I had no real success in resolving my bowel problems. In fact as I got older the pain and discomfort increased during periods of time.<br />
<br />
Seemingly silly at first your suggestion that people should wear diapers giving their bodies back to nature so to speak I thought extreme to be honest. It was flying in the face of what I was taught and what doctors’ advice; however I was captivated by your article. Society not being open minded has taught that it would be unacceptable (a joke) for a grown man in his later 30’s early 40’s to be wearing diapers as he did when he was an infant and not being handicapped. Strangely even a disabled individual is viewed as unacceptable to be wearing diapers.<br />
<br />
However being one not wanting to judge what you wrote made a lot of sense to me. So I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. There was a learning curve in the process. One would think it is a relatively easy process wearing a diaper, but for an activity man is it not that easy (nothing simple about putting on and wearing diapers 24/7). Not like wearing traditional underwear/briefs there is a trial and error period. After all this was not my father’s briefs I grew up with. I was however determined to give this a fair try/experiment and see if I would truly experience heath benefits that would out weight the cons. I was surprise at the health benefits and others. In the beginning I had trouble with the various products (disposable diapers and pull ups) to the point of giving up. I could not find a good product that would not lead to extreme embarrassment in public with leakage especially at work. Not having children of my own I needed to research the various diapers and related products. The one thing that kept me going was I did experience bowel relief a short time into my experiment. The pain and discomfort was going away without stressing over my diet.<br />
<br />
Do not laugh but what I found was cloth diapers/nappies made for adults in combination with vinyl and/or rubber pants work great for me. I will say yes I am now diapered 24/7, and more active now. I no longer worry about what I eat or drink. I have found that many of the products designed and markets for baby use work the same for adults in controlling rash and etc. I have even gone to the lengths of shaving the diaper area for easy in cleaning and hygiene. ba<x>sed on society standards one would say it is one of the most un-masculine things to be wearing diapers and shaving ones private area but the benefits are numerous and go beyond health. I do not need to worry about long traffic jams. I am far more productive at work not needing to stop for rest room breaks and continue on with whatever task I am engaged in with full train of thought. I do not really give it much thought (realization) that I am using a diaper. I just go as need whatever I am doing. The diaper has simply become my underwear.<br />
<br />
I would agree with you that I am much more comfortable in a diaper/nappy then traditional underwear. I sleep better longer with not having to get up several times during the night to use the toilet. I have noticed in time I do not awake up when I am going in my sleep. It is not until I awake to start my day do I realize I peed several times during the night. Weird as it maybe I get a number of things done around the house first thing in the morning before hitting the shower.<br />
<br />
Diapers one would think are an extreme never having tried it. But it truly is a nature way to treat ones body. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts it opened my eyes to a better way. Take care<br />
<br />
(Name withheld through respect)

Very intelligent post, thank you. I have searched many sites for some intelligence on the subject of diapers. I am very impressed with a number of the posters here. I look forward to some intelligent conversation on the subject of adults wearing diapers out of need or just personnel selection.

I wear diapers because they are great! I love theway they feel, look and just knowing that I am diapered!

diapers are the best thing i know coz if i come up and a restroom closed for cleaning i will be wet <br />
before i find the next one so i wear diapers 24/7 and sometimes people know it coz the top of the diaper shows above my jeans jeffwet@yahoo.com

They have come a long way from the good oldays.

What is your web site?

I would love to be able to wear diapers 24/7. Hope your web site works out!

Well I can understand this, certainly. I worked in the healthcare field, and although I don't have a bladder control problem myself (at this time anyway, because at one time in my life I might), I can remember what a bad time some of our patients would have with the products they had to use. Diapers, on the other hand, are designed to stop leaks a heck of a lot better than some of those other products on the market today, and I've heard they can be more comfortable! I hope they help you! Take care, Jamie