I Choose Diapers As My Underwear

At last!  A serious group about diapers, probably the first, apart from my own, to treat diapers other than as a fetish or a medical need.

I too wear diapers as my regular underwear for reasons of health, comfort and convenience.  I have a website campaigning for the acceptance of diapers both as regular underwear by choice and as a natural treatment for bowel disoprders.

I'd love to have a forum discussion with you guys.
SeannOdoms SeannOdoms
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I have a message pending fault investigation by EP

it is diapers or wet jeans, i choose diapers too

Ah, but SeannOdoms states otherwise. He says there's a third group of people who use diapers out of choice. To be honest, it isn't really important why they do it. He is hopeful they will get acceptance (his word) for this practice from the general public. I responded because I honestly can't see that happening. The general public vary in their open-mindedness, and along with the wide variety of things they are presented with to accept, there becomes the grey area I spoke of in my first response. And everyone draws his own personal line in the sand in that area. It is my considered belief that SeannOdom's preference would be the wrong side of the line for most people.

effectively, the third group, chov, is part of the first group. the members of that group would be unaware of the need to wear diapers for valid but unprovoked health reasons unless they had first suffered incontinence.

otherwise diapers do still in a way become a "hobby".

I don't think you're going to find that acceptance easy. Most people will have a very hard time understanding why you would want to. Some will make fun of you of course, but the overriding majority will consider how unpleasant it seems to them and just be very, very confused. It is confusion that causes lack of acceptance more times than people realize. To be honest, if you told me it was a fetish, I'd have an easier time understanding. That would tell me you get a sexual thrill from it. I would be able to understand your motivation. Without that, I'm stuck. Those of us who find the idea of diapers unpleasant will probably never understand you. The best you can hope for is kindness, but expect us to be a little distant and wary. Each of us has a line in the big grey area of things we don't understand. On "this" side of the line it would not affect how we relate to a person. Your preference is going to fall on the other side of that line for most people. I hope I've explained that well without causing offence.

It is an indictment of the collapse of social values and common intelligence that a fetish is more acceptable than a genuine physical and social need.

We, the honest few, are the freaks! There are barely a million people alive who can think of nudity, nappies or social events without thinking of sex. Just consider the implication on the safety of our future children.

We are in a world of perversion and there appears no escape.