I Love Wearing Them Under My Dress And Skirt

When it's summer out I love to wear them under my dresses or skirts. But I still keep them concealed under there so they are not showing when I sit or bend. When I wear skirts that are above my knees, I have to be careful how I sit so they won't show and I won't wear any that are too short when I go out in public. Only at home I wear them where they can easily show the bottom of my diaper or when I sit or bend down. Pretty soon I won't be able to do this at home anymore like maybe next year so I am enjoying it now because pretty soon I would be doing it a lot less.
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Cool. I hope 'hubby' likes it. Why won't you be able to continue? Especially if you like it.<br />
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Enjoy life!

Because I have a son and it be inappropriate to do it around him and I don't want to be caught by him.

How old is the son? Is this the 17 month old? If so, do you think he is going to know the difference -- what adults are supposed to wear? It's just underwear, you know.

He is 17 months but pretty soon he be old enough to understand and is it really appropriate to expose your fetish to a child?

Right now he is too little so I can still do it around him. Plus I am sure a two year old knows what a diaper looks like and can tell the difference between underwear and a diaper and will be smart enough to know their mommy is wearing one when they see it. I knew what a diaper was when I was two years old because I can remember wearing them and I knew my parents didn't wear them.

What a turn on!

You can come over to my place and wear as short a skirt as you like....and bend over as often as possible. ;-)

You live too far away.