Diapered Baby

I am diapered 24/7 because my mommy missed having a baby around the house, so I agreed to be her little baby again. I am treated like a little 1 year baby with a fullsized baby nursery done up for me with adultsized crib, adultsizede changing table with lots of diapers underneath the table, baby toys to play with and etc. I have bathtimes, nappy times and a certain beddy bye time every night. I have a nanny that babysits me when mommy has to go away sometimes. I am a sissy baby I cry whenever I need a diaper change, hungrey or when I miss mommy sometimes when she is gone for a long time sometimes. I can only watch G rated movies and baby shows unless my mommy or nanny is around to watch a show that is for grownups if its approved by mommy or nanny first. I used to get spanked alot for watching shows for grownups until my mommy locked out all the channels that were bad for me and I only watch nickjr., disneychannel, PBS and Sprout. I run around the house with a diaper t-shirt on or wearing a onesie carrying my blankie and 1 of my stuffed animals around most of the day with a pacifier pined on me to suck on because mommy does not want her baby to suck on thumb. I have lost all control of my bladder function and lost control of bowels movements from being in diapers for a long time. I can only feel the warm wettness when it enters my diapers or the warm mushy mess when it enters my diapers. If I have been sitting in a dirty diaper for a long time I start crying like a little sissy baby until I get a diaper change from my mommy or nanny. I have found the comfort, security and attention of being a baby and diapered.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I wish I was like you I wear diapers and tee shirts around my house but I do it for fun because of my fetish I also like to drink my baba with my teddy