Nappy/diaper Wearing

Adult Baby

There are people whose are into the fetish of "Adult Baby"/ Infantilism, who wear nappies as part of their chosen lifestyle, alongside adult sized baby/ infant clothing, sleep in a cot etc. because they like to be treated like a baby. They like to treated wholly as a baby - they have a mummy, daddy, aunties and uncles, may even be fed as a baby including breast feeding.

Diaper Lovers

These are people who wear diapers/nappies and purposefully **** or **** in them to recieve humiliation or punishment for doing so. They act and behave as adults otherwise.


This is what I am into.

When I decided to accept to be his sub I had free choice and when I accepted TPE I have no rights, no freedom.

So: he decides when I **** and ****, for this reason I am diapered, it is about control of my bodily functions, and a loss of my liberty. I am not free to mess my diaper until he says I can, and he will change me when he decides it is time.

If I am unable to contain my **** and ****, I stand to receive both humiliation and punishment, from being verbally abused to being caged for a period of time.

In my case, Imy Master also decides when I may ****, and uses enemas on a daily basis to control when my bowel is emptied, I have no choice in the matter.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

each person might chose to ware diaper for different reason . medical , mental or just won't too. As for me i like to ware a diaper . My wife does change me from time to time . she like to ware diapers as well. I'll change her when I'm home as well. <br />
Nice story ,good detail .

i liked this information thanks