Kinda New To Diapers

I got started a few years back when I met a girl that liked guys in diapers. I didn't know this untill we actually started hanging out a few times. She took me to her room to show me something that I can't remember, and I saw a package of diapers in her closet. I had no idea that anyone around my age wore them. After leaving her room and talking about different things about each other I juat up and asked why she has diapers? I was expecting a medical reason but she told be she like to wear for fun and put them on guys. I was shocked by this but didn't run out the door either. We discussed it a bit and moved on with the conversation. When I was about to leave for the night she told me to wait as she ran to her room. She came back with a few diapers and a small thing of baby powder. She told me to just try one on and see what I thought. Since apart from the diapers she seemd like a completely normal girl I figured I would take them and at least think about it. A few days later I decided to try one. I was home alone for the night and didn't have plans. So I pulled one out, and put it on. It felt kinda weird at first but didn't feel too bad. I did the whole look in the mirror thing, rubbed it,patted it, everything it seems everyone does the first time they wear a diaper. Since I didn't have to worry about anyone showing up untill the next day I decided to keep it on for the night, watched tv, had dinner, even went out to the garage for a smoke in just a shirt and diaper. It was dark out and I left the lights off so no one could see in. I even dicided to wear to bed that night. It felt strange waking up the next morning with nothing but a diaper on but again it wasn't bad. And before anyone asks, no I didn't wake up wet. I told her that I tried the diapers and she seemed excited. But I wasn't sure about having her put them on me. We hung out for a couple more months and I would put a diaper on under my pants in her bathroom but let her be able to see I was wearing them. Of course we fooled around and she did get to see me in just a diaper but as time went on I found out that she was getting back with her ex. We did continue to talk for awhile and she gave me some more diapers to take home but about 3 months after meeting her we stoped talking and I was left with a new fetish. As time went on I would wear to bed from time to time. Even went to get more diapers on my own. It was then I knew I was hooked and would wear casualy from then on. Now I wear a few times a week around the house and to bed. Even got the nerve to wet them sometimes. But to this day, even though I have worn around a few girls that didn't mind, I've never been changed by someone else or even go from wearing to changing to a new diaper. This is something I would like to explore with someone some day. Sooner or later I will meet another girl that wants me in diapers but untill then I settle for what I have been done.
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Nice story . I ware diapers as well. I ware diapers because i like to .My wife ware them too. We will change each other . I do like the Story .