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Greetings everyone !
I cannot express my gratitude for you guys ! I liked diapers since I was 5 years old ! but always felt guilty for wearing them ! " having self war" I don't think my attraction to diapers is caused by sexual desires but it's just the feeling of security and comfort is why I love them I just feel more like myself when I wear them i.e. more natural ! since I knew you guys I have got an inner peace ! that what I am doing is not wrong at any way ( or is it ?) .
I am 18 years old and I am going to be financially separated from my family as I am getting into science college after summer vacation and I get money for my researches I do ! - I am a researcher since high school- I will get allowance approx. 700-800dollars per month !
So I decided to wear diapers as much as an incontinent does . and become an incontinent I have made several experiments i.e wearing diapers for potty needs for two weeks then for a month doing all of my normal activities and I couldn't find a problem of staying like that for the rest of my life. as diapers are part of my life tiny part of my life just as anything else (like vegetarianism ) as I am a vegetarian :)
I have read a lot about the life in diapers and I think - after experiments and research- I am ready for it as soon as I am independent form my parents . Because I don't want them to worry . - my parents aren't that much understanding- .
So any of you made this decision ? and any ideas ?
I would be happy to "read from you " .
Best wishes for you all
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I made myself incontinent. I have always wet my bed, though. There is a website called "Daily Diapers" that has some nice features. There are hypnotic recordings that can help you become incontinent. I used to make my own. Good Luck and welcome to the wonderful world of Diapers !


Just enjoy what it is that makes you different! Life can be very short and you shouldn't be cheated out of anything that makes you feel good. You've got the future to look forward to wearing and using diapers for whatever purpose you find useful, so don't rush it either. Keep it as secret as you can, until you find that one person that you need to share it with, then be wide open with them about what your needs & desires are, as importantly as finding out what theirs are. <br />
<br />
Good luck!

I like what AuntsBabyAgain had to say about the scientific side of (research) into my (our) lifestyle.I say our because if you are on here reading this then apparently you are also into the same things that most everybody in here is into, being a big baby! I have been a big baby since I got big.Before that I was a little baby.LOL