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i was in a good mood as i sat on the bus heading for home, it was Friday afternoon and i did not have to be back at work until ten am Monday morning. what was even better the kids were spending the week end with their father which meant Sharon and i would be alone and she would "force" me to be her baby for the weekend, usually only letting me get changed into my adult clothes about an hour before the kids where due home. as usual my nappy was already soaking wet when i got on the bus and i added to it on the journey so was looking forward to getting in the house were Sharon would ***** me and spank me before putting a fresh nappy and pants and baby clothes on me.
when she had me dressed the way she wanted me Sharon gave me a large bottle of baby milk and told me to play with my toys, she then went up stairs. when she came back down she was dressed in a short black dress stockings and high heels. her nipples were standing erect and proud and were clearly noticeable and showing she had no bra on and as she stood next to me as i lay on the floor i could see up her dress and noticed she had no knickers on.she told me she was going out but not to worry as she had arranged for a babysitter to look after me. before i could say any thing there was a knock at the door and Sharon answered it and walked back in the room followed by her youngest sister Paula.
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i wish i were you that sounds awesome did you have a trheesome