I Choose Diapers Over Underwear

I wear diapers because i feel comfortable and relaxed in them .I think this group is the best. i feel diapers are number one. I am not afraid to talk about my diaper situation to anyone.
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It may surprise many but I started while in the military the Sargent told us that Waring diapers under are Uniforms and Chamomile Suet Kept us from getting exposed because that kipped from exposing are self's when having to go!

I want diapers so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel the same about diapers, just my girlfriend knows about it and she support me but I hide it from everyone else because I feel shame.

another thing that bothers me about what that guy said , did you stop to think that when in diapers a person might be more calm and relaxed due to a mental state brought on by memories of being a child and this could help that person ? <br />
i dont just about bowl/bladder control problems as i have them my self but i am way way mroe relaxed in diapers , i can feel the drama and bs of a long day melt away as i hear just the sound.<br />
you need to know the difrance from fetish and wearing some thing for personal comfort .<br />
this groop alone should show you diapers have alot of uses be it lack of being able to hold it , fear of the filthy nasty toilets of sickness or just that you like the feel or even wanting to be a kid again , in the end its all good cause its not in the floor its in a daiper :D "sorry about the type'os and the mild joke "

the people i work with know i wear diapers.

I wish is to be diapered 24/7!

Good for you! I think that if your privates aren't comfortable, then you've gotten dressed wrong. I've never tried diapers (at least not since I can remember) but who knows, I'll often try something once.


Hmmm...Well, if diapers are your thing, best of luck with them. <br />
<br />
My Da, regrettably, now HAS to wear adult "diapers" (called "Depends")in America). But he has Alzheimer's, is in his late 60's, incontinence has set in and necessity has prevailed. So wearing them is nothing to be trivialized or mentioned in jest. <br />
<br />
Of course, even when one is middle-aged, urinary or fecal problems can exist...or physical or mental infirmity...and nappies are the only recourse. Perhaps that's true in your case. <br />
<br />
Most people wear them out of need and not by choice. Unless one has a fetish. But that's another topic, and of no interest to this writer.

You say that people are trivializing the need for diapers? Maybe more incontinent people should. If having to wear diapers as a Best solution became more open to the public at large AND people who find caregiving for sombody who needs diapers as a task of love and not something vulgar, perceptions would change in a positive way when diapers are needed for any stage of life.

I Baby...

Women claimed enfranchisement by burning their bras in an age where the sight of them was sacrilege.

Gay people claimed their social acceptance through puiblic events such as Pride marches.

Nudists are claiming the middle ground with the ever-popular World Naked Bike Ride.

History tells us that you earn no respect by whimpering in a ciorner.

I quite brashly ***** down to my diaper on the beach. Some would say that is flashing, but I am not naked and my nappies are far more containing than the quite blatant speedos.

I am hoping in time to gather groups of adult and teen enuretsis and encopresis sufferers in public events, such as beach visits, parades, picnics etc.

The only real stigma for us is the clinical butt-bandages that see us cast as invalids.

Someone helping us out with some smart designer nappies would help the public acceptance, but I won't hold my breath (or anything else).

Go for it.