First Time Wearing A Diaper


So at the moment Im wearing a diaper for the very first time! Ive been into peeing for a while, i pee my pants whenever possible and me and my boyfriend regularly have fun with pee but this is my first time Ive worn a diaper. Ive wanted to for a while but ive never plucked up the courage to buy any! So hopefully in a short while i'll be able to pee in a diaper for the first time :D

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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I love being diapered, and wetting them, especially while in public. It is awesome standing on a street corner or in a store with lots of people around and wetting the diaper. I always smile and I love the feel of the wetness. I have had diapers leak while in public before as well, that is also a nice thing knowing that people around know.

Great story, sure you will soon be wearing them regularly and enjoying the convenience and pleasure out in public!

... and for sure not the last time ... lol