Sometimes I Wonder

i wonder sometimes if i would have been better off just staying in Montana and trying to live a adult baby life there by my self or did i do good just moving from place to place wondering when i am going to get kicked out being still married and living with my boyfriend is a little difficult he wants me to get a divorce i have tried to save up the money to get the divorce but something always comes up where i have to use it. my husband and i make better friends then lovers and my boyfriend don't see that every time he gets drunk he brings it up well your still married but im like why should that matter im with you arnt i. then he says well this relationship isn't going no where i was like no it isn't but you know we could make the best of it and wait till i get money to get the divorce and i said well if you don't want to hang around that long i can leave then he gets all lovie doveie and says i love you baby i don't want you to leave im sorry it gets a little old at times you just want to say good bye but when you have no where to go not even your parents you just hang in there and make the best of your life and turn to the internet for some kind of relief not all the time does that happen i really dislike him when he drinks because its throw everything up in my face and treat me like crap make me feel bad for him and he could care less at what i do or how i feel i know its mental abuse its gotta be every time i go to leave he always says something to pull me back in its not like i have any where besides my crappy car what am i suppose to do because i will not stay in a shelter i cant and wont well thanks for reading and this don't change that i love diapers and love to be disciplined but the bf don't seem to wanna do it
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I wish you were my baby. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend not being interested. Do you live in northern illinois?

ahhh, that's too bad. If you were my woman I would certainly give you what you want (diaper changes and discipline ABDL). I hope you get it in the future. I to am looking for it, so I know what your going through and what your feeling. Hang in there and good luck.


not really exspeicaly if you have a mother that wished she would have never had you and family that never wants anything to do with you till they want something lived in montana 20 years of my life and i really dont want to do it again thank you anyway lol

we can learn about each other and if we come to trust and like each other we can treat our abdl and spanko needs. Leave your bf who won't give you what you need. I'm looking and your looking, so already we are halfway there as a match. I live in GA. Contact me. I'm going to make you a friend.


:) i dont just go anywhere im not easy and i have to get to know the person before i even think about dateing lol

I totally agree and understand. It's a long process to prove a safe situation exists, but once we can do that in time, we can have the ABDL and spanko life we seek and have it together. This is alot more fun when you have it to share w/ someone. This will be a slow process.


:+) lol well its life i guess