How It All Started For Me

When I was 5 years old, my mom and dad got married, we moved and my brother and I started wetting the bed at night. My dad became upset about it, he let it go for a week and then he said enough is enough! He and mom went to the store and came back with a box of Pampers. Yes I said a BOX OF PAMPERS! I come from the era when i was young all diapers were sold in BOXES!! they were also very thick not like the junk sold today!

I remember my mother diapering me and my brother everynight for like 6 months until the bedwetting finally stopped. After that i never thought about diapers again until i was in my parents bedroom some years later and found a box of Luvs diapers in there that were left over from my younger sister. I took one out and looked at it. It gave me a hard on instantly. I knew i liked diapers from that point on and I was determined to figure out how to wear them without being caught. This went on for a few years.

I remember really getting into diapers even more when I went to a drug store and saw Depend fitted briefs for the first time and knew what they were. I was 14 and i knew I had to have some. I hitchhiked a few days later to town and went to the drugstore and went to the display and bought 5 sample pack of these and went home with them. I still remember the feeling of those diapers and the sounds they made! I found some of them at a thrift store a few years ago and I bought them and have them in permanent storage, I only bring them out to look at them and I will not wear them as they are not replaceable!

I have been wearing diapers for approximately 3/4 of my life now and I don't intend to stop now, i feel no reason to. I have a stock pile of about 1000-1500 diapers and i am always replenishing. I wear diapers 24/7 not only because I want to but because I have to as the result of surgery I had a few years ago that has left me totally incontinent. I do all my own changing and don't want anyone else doing it at this point. I always wanted to wear diapers all the time for as long as I can remember, now that I have to....I LOVE IT!!! I wear multiple diapers at the same time to make myself waddle and for the feel and to see if others notice!!

I love it when others ask if i am wearing diapers, i tell them yes i am, they give me a look like 'okaaaay' but when i tell them why i am wearing a diaper, they understand! i love the freedom of this! I hope you enjoyed reading this, I will post again soon!!
thickdiaperboy75 thickdiaperboy75
36-40, M
Nov 27, 2012