I Wear Diapers

i wear diapers, not by choice. i was sent home from school for bad and rude behavior, my mother tired of going through this with me and the school informed them i would be home taught. i was overjoyed at this thinking about how much fun i was going to have.
during the weekend my mom was busy shopping and in her sewing room i didnt really pay attention.
monday morning she woke me up a sent me to take a bath, i complained i didnt have school but she was insistant, i went in and climbed into the tub, my mother took my dirty clothes and left, when done i dried looked for my clean clothes and finding none wrapped a towel around myself headed to my room to get some, to my surprise my door was closed and i couldnt open it i called to my mother and she came up and told me that this was no longer my room she said your new room is here and led me into my baby brothers room.
i said this is the baby room because the walls and ceiling, and everything was painted and had baby decor in the corner his crib had been replaced with a day bed and crib bars were on it and the changing bench was much larger.
she said i am not having no young boys underfoot during the days in my house and since you dont want to go to school this is your room now, i was so stunned i froze when she tore the towel off of me and motioned me to the changing bench i numbly walked over and sat down, when she went to the drawers and brought out a cloth diaper yellow plastic pants and a onesie i couldnt help myself i started crying, i felt so defenseless with no clothes on and begin begging her to let me go to school
she brought them over and pushed me back on the bench i was powerless to stop her, when she slid the diaper under me my resistance finally kicked in, too late i recieved first one than another stinging smack on the side of my leg and my legs popped open allowing her to position the diaper she used a warm washcloth washed me down there front and back and dried me she applied a little diaper cream to the inside of my legs and then applied baby powder, pulled the diaper through my legs and pinned it on the sides snuggly she then slid the plastic pants up my legs adjusting it up and over the diaper.
she sat me up pulled the onesie over my head and down my body laid me down and completed putting it on me by snapping it closed between my legs.
on my hands she tied rounded baby gloves on me so i couldnt grasp anything, baby booties on my feet and led me to the makeshift baby bed lay me on it pulling up the sides and pulling a lid like device over the top locking me into this bed.
she said i have work to do and left me.
i have slowly gained favor with my mother and she allolws me to come into the living room to watch television, etccc.... still diapered...
alleynahlove alleynahlove
Dec 3, 2012