Bed Wetter At 21

I am 21 and still wet the bed so am diapered for bed and now am under diaper pisciplin so am in abeans and plastic pants during the day and in cloth at home. I used to hate it but find it fun and challanging to try and not wet any more but am lossing my day time control as well so gues it is the best for me for now
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Diaper Discipline at 21 years old? If you wanted to wear diapers yourself that's understandable but who is diaper disciplining you? Your mom? Does she still diaper you then and clean your bum during changes??

Yes my Mom is the one and she still diapers me most of the time

ed them at night but am in them as am in diaper disciplin now and actualy may need them during the day too soon as am getting used to using my diapers all of the time now and am kind of feeling good about having them on

Good story. Thanks for sharing that.

So gonna stop trying to stay dry now?