Diapers And Surgery

Well, here it is, the middle of December, getting ready for the Christmas Season and I thought I'd share a story about something that has arisen since early November. I finally went to my primary physician regarding a spot on my chest that I've had for quite awhile. He sent me to a specialist, were I had some biopsies but at least I didn't have to take off my pants, although I was wearing a disposable diaper (as I have too anyways). He did notice the diaper, but never said anything (why would he). Within one day after the biopsy, I had to go in to discuss my options (I have a tissue cancer, Sarcoma) and had surgery scheduled for November 30th of 2012. The surgery lasted about and hour and of course I was diapered. This was a out-patient procedure. After leaving a 4" incision on my chest, I had to limit my activities until this healed... meaning no rough play in diapers and a lot of other activities :(

I learned on the 7th of this month from my pathology report that they didn't get all the cancer out and now facing additional treatments. After the stitches were removed on the 10th... which felt great, but on the 11th, I was lying on the floor with my wet night diaper and a t-shirt, rubbing myself against the floor... then realizing that my -shirt got wet. Lesson number one: Don't do this only after one day of having stitches removed... as my shirt was full of blood. Luckily I was able to get the bleeding to stop without going into the emergency room.

I still need to and have to wear my diapers... but my activities around them are limited (for now).

My prognosis and or out-come is very good, but it's going to be a rough start to 2013.
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Bummer about the cancer. Hope they have it under control. All things considered, it's going to be a lousy start to 2013 for a lot of us, medical issues not withstanding...

Hope your outlook is good and this bad chapter is behind you.

But it's nice to be diapered though!