I woke up one morning and desperately needed to go to the bathroom. My Mom had changed me into pull ups and nothing else before she got me to bed the evening before. I was surprised I hadn't wet during the night, the need to go to the bathroom now was horrible.
I fidgeted in my bed, the pain in my bladder and bowels was getting worse.

"Mom!" I called as a bit of pee came out and left a dark patch on the front of my pull ups. She didn't come, nor did she sound as if she stirred from her sleep at all. I accidentally let it all go, pee soaked my pull up. "MOMMY!" I screamed. This time, she came running.

"Yes, baby?"
"I...I..." I looked embarrassed, laying down on top of the covers on my bed with my legs in the air, opened a little.
"Did my little girl wet herself?"
I nodded as she fetched the changing mat.
"My baby girl," she murmured, laying me down on the changing mat. I gurgled as poop suddenly came out of my bottom and into the pullup. Without anymore warning, inches followed. Soon, I had a lump in the back of my pullups and my Mom pulled them down.
"Did you make an oopsy?"
I started crying, as she lifted me from my mess and into her arms.
"It's okay," she hushed, blowing a raspberry on my tummy. "Let's get you cleaned up..."
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18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012