All My Life I Had A Diaper Fetish

hey guys my name is Patrick from Ontario Canada and this is how I got into diapers when I was about 3 I remember I was scared to use the toilet so my mom told me to poop in my pull-up so I did

I remember it was so messy. Years later when I was 12 I had this huge desire to wear diapers I didn't tell anyone about this fetish I had it had been a secret for a while. But then one year in high school I was 14 and I was in a special Ed room using there washroom and I saw a couple diapers on top of this cupboard I started to sweat my heart was pumping so I put the diaper between my legs and taped it in place!

I felt so safe and secure and wet it during the school day a week later i stole about 5 diapers from the special Ed room and they didn't even notice!

Then one time I told my girlfriend I had at the time that I had a diaper fetish and she totally accepted it and wanted to wear a diaper for me but it never happened!

Now I am a teen lookin for a girlfriend and TB/AB friends!

Diaperlover316 Diaperlover316
Dec 27, 2012