New Years and Diapers

I remember when I was growing up, my mother always celebrated holidays with everything she could... such as we celebrated May Day with a May Pole in the front yard, and had my brother and I circle around it (quite embarrassing when your six and five). New Years Eve wasn't any different. My mother (bless her heart) had one of kids dress up as Father Time and Baby New Year for the New Year's Eve Parties she had in our home. My brother who is just 1 1/2 years older, always seemed to be Father Time and I had to play the part of Baby New Year ( I guess since I already wore diapers, it just made sense). I argued that I wanted to be Father Time, but I really didn't anywhere with my argument. Even when I got additional brothers (3 more before 1972), I still had to play the part. I know that I had to wear diapers growing up... but come on... quite embarrassing dressing the part of Baby New Year when your in the ages of 5 to 15. Later in life, I was going thru my parents photographs and came across a bunch of photos of me in my Baby New attire, including thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I was made at my parents for embarrassing me this way, I privately destroyed them... now I kinda wished I never did this.

Everyone have a Happy New Year!
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I wear diapers too. If my parents ever found out about that they would call up everyone I know and tell them. I wouldn't regret destroying the photos. Thanks for sharring. Someone please add me and read my story in the link in my next comment

I have been in nappies/pads and plastic/rubber pants every n ight since I was born and I, am now 68 years old.
My mother and father would physically abuse me in front of my older brother who was clean at night, I was and I am still suffering from nocturnal enuresis, so it wasnt my fault, I was taken into care when I was nine years old, and then went on to live with my grandparents and aunt in Scotland until I was nineteen years old, I have been married for 47 years now and my wife supports me and my problems, regarding my night time problems, two years ago whilst getting over a triple heart by pass operation, a jounior nurse damaged the neck of my bladder trying to get a catheter out of my bladder, it know there could be such pain, eventually they told me they coulnt operate on my bladder so I am now incontinent 24/7.
I get all my pads free of charge from the NHS continence service, but have to purchase my own pants and bed sheets etc.
My aunt would humiliate me sometimes by sending me to school in my pad and plastic pants, but this was stopped after the district nurse was called in, and my aunt was told that she could be taken to court for child cruelty.
I cant remember my parents really as I wasnt with them, my two brothers one older one younger than me, just about talk to me, as they blame everything onto me, for my being thrown out of the house, for playing my loving parents up!!.
Parents can be bad sometimes, such as your parents, I had one picture taken by my aunt of me in my pad and plastic pants taken, when I was about twelve years old, my wife threw it away, calling her a stupid kinky old cow, it was her that got me into plastic macs etc, up to then they were things I wore at night.

That was unnecessarily humiliating.

Yes it was...