The Best Diaper Wearing Time For Me Is..

One of the best feelings I have is when I go to my local food store, just diapered and out of the shower. Im not one of these women who always wants to be babied, although i like wearing diapers, im still an adult and still aware of my own sexuality.

I love wearing short lycra skirts, usually black, to the store, which make my *** look a lot bigger when its padded. Im not sure if you can tell its a diaper, or that it just looks like I have a big *** - either way, I enjoy men staring at it, that turns me on.

I am a 32d breast size, and just because I wearing wearing a diaper at that moment, doesnt mean to say i dont want to show my other assets off. I love wearing a low cut top with a push up bra, and high heels along with my skirt and diaper, I dont know why but the mixture of a diaper, and still flaunting my own sexuality really turns me on.

The best thrill comes when i feel my diaper swell as im shopping. Little do the other shoppers know, that underneath my sexy clothes, im wearing a diaper, and urinating into it as they look.

I dont wear fulltime at the moment, although id love to, i cant bring myself to make the permanent switch yet. These occasions are treats for me, when i feel extra daring and want to do something exciting and fun :)

TheSexperienceGirl TheSexperienceGirl
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5 Responses Jan 10, 2013

That sounds pretty hot. I'll try to keep my eyes open for that. Thanks for sharing.


You know how to look good!!! Great story, thanks. I also have a 'thing' about lycrawear, leather skirts, and a diaper underneath would be the 'cherry on the cake'. Wonderful! :)

A match made in heaven, us two. I often wear diapers but am not into being a baby. I enjoy wetting and the feeling of a soggy diaper is like having sex. Every time I am out in public I scan to see if I can find a fellow diaper lover. Sadly, I have not but I continue to look.

That is so hot. Love the idea of a full grown women that may be wearing a wet diaper under her clothes. That is a crazy turn on!

Wetting a diaper while waiting in a checkout like is one of my favorite thrills. Warm and wet on the inside, dry on the outside. It turns what would be wasted time into play time.
And, while I'm out, I'm always on the lookout for others in diapers.