Pinned 24/7/365

The day begins with my unpinning a triple-thick cloth diaper, showering, and pinning on a double-thick diaper, then covering it with a vinyl pull-up (usually called "plastic pants"). Cloth diapers are expensive to purchase - more than $25 each. But they last a very long time - mine last more than 5 years.
I can usually wear the morning diaper until mid-afternoon. Then I have to change into another double-thick diaper for the rest of the day and evening. When I'm ready for sleeping, I wash and change into a triple-thick diaper overnight.
That adds up to 7 diapers per day, enough for a washer full. First, the diapers have to be soaked in a weak solution of vinegar and household cleaner (like Mr. Clean). Then they are dumped into the washer to spin out the excess water before starting the wash cycle. I add 1/2 cup bleach, diluted, to the wash water.
Yes, that's a bit of work. But the payoff is fluffy comfortable diapers that leave no odour.
Wearing thick diapers means that I have to wear trousers at least one size larger. I wear longjohns over the diapers and plastic pants for fall and winter, and boxers with T-shirt during the summer.
Even though the diapers are obvious when I change for swimming in the change room, only two people have ever commented - both doctors. They were curious as to why I was wearing diapers. I explained that I had a BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and a small bladder. End of story.
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I am also interested in your washing machine. Do you ever find it difficult to do a load every day?