Even Before My Spinal Cord Injury

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by wetting my pants and wanting to wear diapers. While growing up several times I went in my pants when I was certain no one would know. I would sometimes put on as many pairs of underwear as I could find in the dirty clothes and use them as a substitute diaper. As an adult, before I met my wife, I would do similar things and then I found sources for adult diapers. I had seen adult diapers and plastic pants for adults in catalogs. I found it relaxing to wear a diaper and it was fun to hold it until I could not hold it any longer. I would go for months with no interest but then something would set me off. There was then nothing I could do to make the fixation on wearing diapers go away, except to indulge it when I was alone. When I met the woman who became my wife a few months later I tried to swear off the whole diaper thing. However, I saw my new boss wet her pants and then brag about it the next day at work. I then made a thousand mile car drive to bring my stuff to my new place. During the drive I stopped and bought some diapers and put one on. Several times I stopped at rest stops for the purpose of changing diapers. About two hours from my new home I suddenly had to go so badly that I wet my diaper, my last one. When driving if I was wearing a diaper I would wet it at the first serious urge so as not to distract from driving. I stopped and took off the wet diaper and drove the rest of the way home. I had the idea of trying to find out what my fiance would think if I wet my pants. I arrived home with a full bladder, intending to tell I desperately needed to,go to the bathroom and then immediately wet my pants. However I found she had fixed a wonderful meal for me. i thought about sitting down to eat and wetting my pants as I sat there pretending I did not know. However I chickened out. In retrospect chickening out was a mistake. As far as I know she had no idea of what I had intended, or that I had worn diapers for almost all the drive.
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Shortly after getting married, I wrote a note and "confessed" to my new wife. We've had our wet times and our dry times, but at least it's not a secret.