Double Diapering Tomorrow

I have decided that I am going to double diaper tomorrow, for the first time. I havnt decided on my total outfit yet, but i know i have to go to the mall, and do food shopping maybe a skirt or tight tight jeans. I dont want the diaper to feel too wet, too soon, if im going to be out all morning and I need one on.

I forgot I wasnt wearing one earlier, and wet my panties. It was a horrid feeling and reminded me of being little and having an accident.My panties were soaking so i made the decision to put a diaper back on. I dont wear all the time, so that was also a new experience for me.

Maybe I wont wear a bra to the mall either tomorrow. Its cold here at the moment and my nipples will stick out. I really get a kick out of the fact im wearing a diaper, and guys are looking at my chest and dont realise. Once I stood next toi a cute guy who was blatantly staring down my top....i felt my diaper go warm and just smiled at him lol.

I wish i could find a way to go fulltime, but im scared of the implications, or finding someone who would accept it. My current boyfriend doesnt like me wearing diapers, although he knows I have worn in the past. We dont talk about im forced to do things like this to fill the void. :(

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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Double diapered in jeans would look fantastic. I would get so hard to see that in a mall.

Off corse there are...

I would love to know, personaly, a diaper lover female. Maybe some day, who knows =). Well... i think the most important is a person who likes you for who you are and not just because of diapers. Meeting someone around EP may bring this kind of happenings, as for myself too.
About your boyfriend, and i think you should do WHAT you want WHEN you want, cause that is who you are, living with someone who does not accepts us for who we are isnt going to bring happiness, so think about it.