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Has anyone ever thought about why we as adults, have got this fetish? I wonder about this a lot, and have had some thoughts but I was wondering if anyone else had come to any conclusions?

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It's different for nearly everybody... I believe that's why many of us are here on places like EP and Fetlife, to learn from others , in the hopes of understanding ourselves better. My desires started right at the moment I was taken out of them. I just remember not wanting to give them up, much as my grandson now seems to be wetting his pants on purpose at three. Nobody's making a fuss about it, so I'm sure it'll pass, but, for me, the concrete mold was cast right then and there, perhaps with envy fueling the desires to the point that a Lovemap was drawn, forever linking my lost babypants to my lifelong need to return to them, like a moth to a flame. I do remember all the younger kids in the neighborhood still running around free in their diapers, and I'm certain that's where the envy started. As a kid, I actually thought I'd out grow the desires, but it only got stronger the older I got, becoming full blown diaper and plastic panty fetishism in my teens, and now a lifetime of wearing, as I approach the zenith of my time on Earth... Go figure.

The first time I read a diaper story in one of the dirty books my dad had in the bathroom. The idea set in and jus t turned me on so much I just had to try it. And now I love it.

each has a different story

I too have thought about this a lot, over the past few months, since I found diapers, and discovered I rather like wearing, and using them. I don't think there is a single answer as it is probably differnt justifications and reasons for everyone. Personally, unlike some others here, I don't have anything in my childhood that might add to an explination for me; No particular bed wetting, diaper punishments etc., or at least non I can really remember. Its definately a comfort thing for me, wearing them, which can lean me somewhat more towards the AB side of it, but then again, from a purely DL perspective, I just adore the feeling, the warmth, comfort, and of course the sexual arrousal, which most probalby links in with the 'naughtyness' of wearing and using a diaper as an adult. Especially when wearing htem in public, and wetting, or soiling is being done in a way it shouldn't for an adult, and* in a location it shouldn't for an adult.. Also, for me at least, pee and poop are on their own, big turn on's, and give me sexual gratification,, E.G., recieving a golden shower, playing with my own poop, smearing, etc, so that almost certainly has a lot to do with the diaper wearing, as what I've just done in my diaper, is pee, or poop, both of which are things I like to play with... if that makes sense... But there is definately something asides the purely sexual, which I guess is the whole comfort thing, and possibly AB desires tied up with it..

Wow, that is the ultimate question for a diaper lover. After finally deciding to act on my peeing fetishes, and accepting it, I find I'm becoming more comfortable in enjoying the pleasurable aspects of doing so.. So naturally I've given this question a lot of thought too. And, I have no answer. Nothing to do with when I was young... I just have these thoughts, desires, in my head...and now I act on them! I will probably never be able to explain why,or rationalize it, but I'm a pants wetter now, and wear and use diapers on a regular basis, along with also having the many related fantasies that go with being a "wetter" an a 'DL". So I now just enjoy this side of myself and now, and also accept it in others and enjoy their experiences as well!.

I find it to be a combination of rebellion (you can't tell me where I can pee) and regression (ooh, I'm making pee-pees in my diaper). I was a regular bed wetter up until my teen years, so I had my sexual urges develop while on yellow stained sheets. I hated the bed wetting, because I couldn't control it, but for years (the earliest I remember is age 7) I would enjoy wetting my pants or underpants on purpose. I didn't get back into diapers until I was in my 20's. I find them convenient, comforting, and stimulating.

I used to think about it a lot, but now what i think the most is what feelin' is this. Damn, I feel so comfortable, safe, sexy, so full of joy. Even for stressing days, using a diaper is something i would never regret. Well, you can say, when wearing a diaper, that you are in a comfort zone, relaxing and sometimes feeling dirty/naughty.

The fetish portion of my (forever needing diapers because I'm incotinent) lifestyle happened out of my inxtinct to protect my comfort zone.I believe the fetishism portion would more within my desire to BABY a female, like minded, partner more than my wanting to experience my childhood over again. I am a grown MAN who needs diapers from a practical use viewpoint. I don't like feeling clinical with my need for diapers so prints, design, and wardrobe selection in Infantile items for myself are just the same as a pair of thight jeans with holes in them would be for a gal who follows fashion trends.

Bedwetter and just got used to it. Figured out it turned me on when I was about 12.

Me Too!

I have clear memories from when I was around 4 years old playing with the 2 girls who lived next door. Helen was a year or so older than me and Rachel was about a year younger and still in nappies. I can remember Helen accusing Rachel of pooping her nappy and then checking it with Rachel denying it because she wanted to carry on playing in the garden.

It was from this moment that realised that I missed being in nappies. This was a reoccurring yearning I had down the years until I did something about it when I was around 13 or so.

To this day, no one who knows me knows I have a yearning to be in nappies, which is something I know enjoy, but not in babyish sort of way

I agree with what someone said below its about how we are wired along with experiences we had as children that make us want to wear and use diapers. Some of us are trying to recreate events that happened when we were younger others are trying to remain young, or like myself I just feel better when I am diapered and wearing a used diaper..... Its hard wired into us we will never lose the feelings so embrace

Its so interesting isnt it? Does anyone have a stressful job?

for me it´s not a fetish ... it´s just a much more convenient life style ... and this I discoverd as a child ...

Something obviously happens to trigger it at quite an early age, or maybe a combination of factors. I've heard both early and late potty training suggested as factors - in one case because nappies are taken away before you're ready for it, and in the other because you have more conscious memories of being in them.

was diaper discipline given to you as a kid? I was just wondering..