Please Men Or Girls?;)

I need someone to pretend to be a daddy for me and diaper me, spank me everything ! Just messege me and i will ********** if you are good at being a daddy. Ps am wearing a diaper right now so it could get messy ;) xx
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message me x

Right! Come her you naughty little brat. (I pul your diaper down to reveal you but and bend you over my knee). Here, take that for being so naughty. And that, and that. Your but starts to glow red and the pee escapes from your ***** and wets my knee. I pull you upright and scold you for messing my pants but the bulge in my pants tells you how much I enjoyed it. I pull your diaper back up and move to stand behind you. I take out my **** and slip it down the back of your diaper and let fly with a gush of ****.

You start moaning with pleasure. I take your hand and lead you to the bed. I lay you down and remove your soggy diaper. Wipe your ***** and anus with a wet wipe and then start to rub in some cream. You start to moan as I rub it round your labia and ****. I slide a finger inside you and I hear you take a sharp intake of breathe and then moan even louder. I slip two more fingers in and you gasp. I start rythmically thrusting my two middle fingers up inside you while curling my fingers up to hit your g spot. You explode with an almighty ****** and squirt all over the open diaper.

Then things start to get interesting.

I could be your daddy but I wet the bed and I wear nappies as well

add me as a friend and let the fun begin