Started liking diapers

Looking back, I think my thing for diapers started early on in school. We had what I considered to be an attractive female teacher and one day in scolding us for misbehaving she said something like, "Maybe I should just put you back in diapers and you can crawl around instead of wasting my time!" Maybe the idea of her actually doing it is what I liked about it because I certainly had never thought about wearing diapers before, and I never had a bedwetting problem. Years went by and I never really thought about it as something that aroused me. Then I guess by chance on the internet, I came across someone wearing diapers and it turned me on. Also it is not so much the diaper that turns me on as the fact that I might just be turned on by embarrassing situations. I mean like if someone talks about when they "almost peed their pants" or "almost **** their pants" or even jokingly refers to a diaper, I love it. Is that weird? I kept seeing it online so eventually I went to a store and bought some. Needless to say, I loved them. I'd mess myself or wet myself and God knows why, but I loved the feeling. If I ever were to do those things in public I'd be mortified, but when I'm home alone I have a great time wearing them. Can anyone relate to this?
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Oh yes, but I do it anywhere I happen to be. I find embarrassment a real turn on.

It's such a simple thing, but it brings so much pleasure.