80 Years In And Out Of Diapers

Yes, I am eighty years old and still in diapers. I have been in diapers all my life with long breaks when I gave them up thinking I was the only one in the world that wore diapers and it was wrong.
My wife discovered my desire and played along with it now and then. For instance, when I had bladder cancer and the chemo was instilled into my bladder by catheter, I had to hold it for one hour before urinating. It was tough and would dribble. She put me in adult diapers "until you learn to stop peeing you pants!" I had not worn a diaper for quite some time before that but now I was in diapers again and loved it.
When we went on a cruise she brought along some diapers because, she said, "I know you like to wear diapers now and I want you to enjoy this cruise. You should wear your diapers all the time for now on!"
Back at home she surprised meĀ  with a box that she had gotten. It was an adult cloth (gauze) diaper and diaper pins! The diaper was about 30"x36" so it needed no folding...and the pins were 4" safety pins. I still have it and others too. She said she found them on the internet. I searched the internet and found lots of sites on the subject of Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers! Wow! I found out I was not the only one in the world that wore diapers! What a releif.
My wife passed away from breast cancer a few years later and I started wearing diapers 24/7.
Recently I moved into an over 55 complex. My neighbor was a tiny woman and I thought she was cute, old but cute. We would sit and talk outside her apartment and started getting serious. I told her about my diapers, thinking that would be the end of our friendship, but I didn't want any relationship without my diapers!
She said, "That sounds like fun! I would like to try that with you." Needless to say I had her in diapers that night! We have had lots of diaper sex and love every minute of it. I am happily in diapers forever now.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

what a great story I am so happy for you I love small women and really like them when they wear diapers