Never New There Are So Meny Adult Babies

I just got out of the hospital and that is were i met other a.b.'s.

The nurses took me out for tests,and while i was out my wife got to talking with one of the nurses that she went to high school.The nurse ask my wife if i mined haveing to wear diapers.My wife told her that we learned to live with it and left it at that.Sandie started telling her about her husband and how he loved wearing diaper and how she plays his mommy.My wife said she just about fell out of her chair.Sandie ask her what is so funny.My wife Terri started tell just how we learn to cope with me wearing diapers.Other than me haveing to wear diapers and Sandie's husband wearing diapers because he like them do the samethings.Not only did they talk about he and i but it seem that 3 nurses are dls and 1 is a ab.mommy Terri said this an Ob hospital babies ever where.

When I got back to the room Sandie was coming out and as i passed her she said i will be right back with your meds and bottle little man.I ask the guy who was pushing the cot what she said he said he didn't know and my wife was just about to roll on the floor.So when i got over on the bed and he left i ask her what was so damn funny and what did she mean.Just after she told me Sandie came back in and yes with med and a warm bottle of milkTerri said now take your meds and drink your milk and tell Sandie thank you,ok thank you for my milk.Sandie gave me my pills and said it smell like some one need a new diaper i will send and aid in to change it right now don't want baby to get a rash.For the next week if it wasnt nurses wearing diapers it was nurses being mommies i never felt more like a baby,I guess every nurse told the nurses coming on and they all loved treating me as a baby.My wife loved it she never had to do anything and i have never had so meny warm bottles of milk in my life but i am not complaining.


When we were leaving the hospital Sandie that the girls(nurses) want us to come to there baby day when i get to feeling better moma said we would love too.


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5 Responses Aug 30, 2008

Sounds like you have poor diction, and a vivid imagination.

My doctor knows `i wear nappies and has seen me in them. I'd love to be in Sweetpea54s hospital. What a lucky baby boy.

i am a 55 yrold adult male. i love to wear diapers as well as see others in diapers. i dont need them but enjoy them. i also enjoy changing them.i live in lexington,kentucky. i have always wanted a mommy or daddy or others to play with.i am single live alone and can host.i am very descrete openminded and kinky.anyone would like to contact feel fre to do so. or call me evenings 859-278-2137 MY ONE FANTASY IS TO BE A PATIENT IN DIAPERS AND HAVE A DOCTOR AND NURSE EXAMINE ME WHIILE WEARING DIAPERS. I ALSO WEAR PLASTIC PANTS.

I wish we had a hospital like that around here.

Sounds like my type of hospital