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Wheelchair Diapers

I have been disabled or the last four and half years. I have to wear diapers simply because I cannot always get to the toiet in time. What I have found though is that if I have a 'little accident' that I enjoy it. Now I sometimes drink plenty and go out in my wheelchair!! RIGHT NOW i HAVE DRUNK LOADS BUT i DON'T FEEL INCLINED TO HURRY TO THE TOILET !!
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Diapers are wonderful that way. I deal with IBS and don't really enjoy the poopy part but I do pee in my diapers day and night for convenience and pleasure. Having a diaper on is a comfort for me. I just don't have to worry about an accident or timing at all.

Why should you hurry? It's much easier and better to use the diapers for what they were made for. There isn't anything wrong with enjoying/loving the feel of a soaked diaper. Consider your diaper underwear with benefits.

well said!