A Simple Accident Now I'm Incontinent

At the tender age of eight I was standing on a chair in the bathroom at home trying to clip the plastic curtain back on the rail above the bathtub when I accidentally toppled backwards falling into the bathtub.

The finger grip of the tap handle slammed into my skull penetrating the bone and leaving me impaled on the tap.  I was rushed off to hospital, I don't recall the incident as I had suffered a brain injury.

When I woke I was in a room and one of the first things I noticed was the feeling of something between my legs, I lifted the bedclothes and saw that I was wearing a diaper I was shocked. Later that morning I was told by the doctor that I would be incontinent due to the injury I had sustained.

I had to wear diapers when I went home with mum as she had been told of my disability, she was very good and had made me special shorts that were big enough to cover my diapers.

I have had to wear diapers now for many years and could write a book on the experiences I have had when people have discovered that I wear diapers, some have been positive yet others have been far from helpful.

There still seems to be quite a stigma about incontinent folk which I find ridiculous as incontinence can't be helped in most cases and most incontinent folk are we qualified to be in control of their situation with adequate knowledge of preventing soiling outside of their diaper.

As an adult I have experienced ridicule from so called intelligent people, education is a wonderful thing, it's a shame there are so many dummies in this beautiful world.


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If a person loves you, it is for who you are; not what you wear.

Sorry to hear about your accident - sounds scary.
So true - it is too bad that there is still a long way to go regarding the taboo and lack of understanding relating to being incontinent and wearing protection. And no one should have to tolerate ridicule.
Thank you for taking the courage to share. Best wishes :-)

I have never really talked about this but i was paralyzed from the waist down and told i would never use my lower extremities, i was able to regain the use of my body beyond what anyone expected and one of the few people to have full use of motor skills after paralysis, yet i haven't conquered innocence and it is like a big secret that i can never tell, how do i tell people about this and how do people normally react, if you could help i would really appreciate it.

from monicagirl,
Dear Malamember 22, The best way to enlighten folk regarding your incontinence is to be honest and truthful, just say your condition is due to your dissabillity.

Hello!<br />
You mentioned intelligence and education. Yes they are wonderful things. But education does not the same as intelligence.<br />
Education means that you knows certain things but it does not mean that you are intelligent. Intelligence means that you can see combinations ant that you by a logical arguments can find out things what you dont know.<br />
Both, thet dont mean that you are a good person! There are also a thing, refered to as social competence which means that you can see and understad an other person and their situation.<br />
<br />
My situation is close to yours and I know what you mean, Hope you can put the hash things in a box and throw them away. This harsh people have small minds!

I too have to wear diapers due to incontinence due to a head injury. I was hit by a car and sent head first into the curb.

OWW! What an accident! From reading your story, I think a book about your experiences would definitely be in order. But you're right. Some people can be incredibly dumb, while others are very supportive. I think that when we wear diapers because of our incontinence, it is a way for us to be in control of the situation. It's no worse than wearing glasses, hearing aids, using crutches or walkers, etc. But as things such as Depends. etc., become more visible in stores and in advertising, I think the pervasive ignorance on the part of some people will soon be considered old fashioned and out-of-date. By handling your problem, you are definitely with it!! I hope you continue to do well. I know you are well-equipped to handle life's challenges. Please keep us up to date!

you are an inspiration to us all thank you for this story

Glad you are coping. You should think about writing about your knowledge of your situation for others to benefit from. You probably know a lot of tips and tricks that could help someone in your sort of situation.

I am glad that you have been able to live with this. I hope you are doing well and that you are happy