A Day In The Life Of A 24/7 Diapered Girl That Had To Wear A Hip Abduction Orthotics

Seven days a week each morning my alarm clock goes off at 7am to wake me up so I can change my night time diaper. Despite it is only soak with urine, a diaper change is necessary since the wet one has been on me through the night for the last eight to nine hours. First I have to free myself from the hip abduction orthotics medically prescribed to fix my defective walking ability and a body-stocking I have to wear to prevent myself from diaper tampering in my sleep before I can remove the wet diaper clinging on my body.

The brace started at my waist/abdomen extending through the length of my thighs to stop right before my knees. It was created with the use of metal rods connecting to the plastic pieces made from a mold in the shape of my body. Plaster casting of me was done so the doctor could tailor built this orthotics for me. The brace applied a conforming pressure feel when worn. The top part of the brace with comfortable lumbar padding and foam liners was fitted from my lower back to come around on each side of my hips to the front of my body covering my waist/abdomen. It was held together by double nylon strapping with Velcro hooked to hinge rings on each side at the front of brace. This part of the brace was anatomically designed to capture the position and give stabilizing support to my pelvis to help improve my sitting and standing balances. Straight bars attached to bilateral thigh cuffs were connected to a rotating hip joint an extension of the pelvic module of the brace. The thigh cuffs also had foam liners fitted around it for comfort. Each cuff had two Velcro straps thread through strategically placed hinge rings the two pieces of plastic supporting the sides of each leg. A vertically mounted straight bar was placed in between the thigh cuffs creating a posture positioning abduction of my hips. The straight bars and hip joints on the brace could be adjusted to change flexion, extension, abduction and adduction needs.

Once I removed the orthotics part worn around my waist-abdomen by detaching the two adhering Velcro from the corresponding double nylon strapping, I proceeded to release the two straps on the encasing thigh cuffs and I could remove the orthotics from my body by getting out of it. The next layer I had on was the body-stocking. It had a lengthy zipper going from the inner side of my left leg to my inner right holding the back and front pieces of the body-stocking together at the crotch that I had to unzip and it created a huge opening at the bottom of the garment. I pulled the body-stocking up and over my head to have it removed and revealing a heavily wet diaper that had been clinging onto my body for the prior eight plus hours and my bra.

A wet diaper left adhering to my body over a long period of time would cause unwanted diaper rashes which were very painful open cuts or popped blisters on my skin that would take a tremendous amount of time to heal due to my need for diapers and the dryness of the wound would be hard to maintain. I worked hard to stay on a timely schedule to change my diapers so I could keep my covered up skins clear of a rash outbreak. After detaching the tape tabs of the wet diaper to release it from my body, I thoroughly wipe myself to rid my body of the urine residuals trapped in skin folds and odor with incontinence cleaning wipes. When I felt confident that all uric matter and stench had been eliminated from my body all the contaminated absorbent and cleaning products were pulled to one side of my bed. A day use diaper set was always placed on the nightstand the evening before I went to bed and I reached over to grab it and put it on me. It was a less bulky diaper for I could change more frequently during the day. based on the current market prices I had to make the best of whatever brand of diapers and absorbent products were available for my incontinence supplier to send to me in discreet bulk packaging boxes throughout the year on a scheduled bi-monthly shipment plan. The Depend or Attends diapers were my preferred choice of diaper because of the three tape tabs system on each side with an elastic waistband. The severity of my incontinence condition limited my diaper selections to the ones made with the traditional plastic backings.

For this morning the first day diaper I would be wearing was manufactured by Depend with two sheets of the 20 inch by 22 inch thin liners from Tranquility folded and tucked inside the crotch area for additional absorbent support to avoid the need for frequent diaper changes. This diaper arrangement would provide me about two hours of absorbency. I reclined on my back in bed to fit myself into a diaper setup. I would never go diaper-free away from my bed for I would not want to leak on the carpet in my bedroom, urine would leave a stench that no air freshener could mask. After the diaper was fitted on me properly, I got off my bed.

With only bra and diaper on, I walked over to dresser to get a day use body-stocking from the drawer. This garment was essentially an adult version of an infant onesie. I have some that had t-shirt length sleeves and some in a tank top style. Today I chose to wear a tank top one. I placed the body-stocking through my head and pull it down my body to cover the diaper I had on. I snapped the buttons at the crotch together. My diapers were kept in a discreet manner when I wear a body-stocking over it regardless of the length of the shirts I was wearing. The next thing I did was return to my bed to fold over and wrapped up the wet side of the night diaper with its own plastic backing side facing outwards and used the tape tabs to hold the packed bundle together. I tossed the bundle up absorbent products into a receptacle in my room used to contain my wet diapers. Next I went into the bathroom that was connected to my bedroom to use the wash basin to clean my hands, brush my teeth and used soap and water to cleanse my face. My bedroom was one of the two sleeping quarters in this house to have a bathroom connected to it. The bed and bathroom arrangement was convenient to me for my incontinence needs especially in my younger days when I needed assistance from someone in my family for a diaper change. My Dad and brothers stopped assisting me with my diaper changes after I reached the age of nine, my Mom continued to help me until I was able to do it on my own at age thirteen.

After I was done using the bathroom, I walked over to my wardrobe closet to select what I wanted to wear for the day. All the clothes found in my wardrobe collection were made of cotton fibers because they would help absorb my urine if I had an accidental embarrassing leak that went on my clothing. I selected a tricolor horizontal stripe mock turtleneck with long sleeves and a pair of black leggings. I donned on my choice of clothing for my lower body along with socks and a pair of gray Keds. I grabbed the top and a sweatshirt and returned to my bed. I had to get my body back into my prescription orthotics before I can wear the clothing for my upper body. I picked up the entire brace to mount it on me from back to front by sliding my body into the waist-abdomen cuff of the orthotics and applied the Velcro straps to securely hold the brace onto my body. Next I fitted my thighs into the corresponding leg cuffs and sat down on my bed top to secured the Velcro straps in place.

Once in the brace, the vertically mounted straight bar kept my legs in an abduction position to stand feet flat on the floor. I was fully brace by the hip abduction orthotics. I had been using this bracing method since I came out of the ventilation chamber during my care at in the nursing facility thirteen years ago. I was required to be in this prescribed orthotics 24/7 because it was designed to help my feet take flat steps when I had to walk. I would hope I would be able to one day walk normally without this bracing. For the past two year vanity had gotten to me that I stopped wearing my orthotics out in public settings without the approval of my doctor. I only wore the brace at night when I sleep and on weekends when I don't have any in person social gatherings with my friends and family. Perhaps walking without the aid of the prescribed orthotics was probably the reason I took that misstep in my tippy toes and fell off the stairs in the family home last year. The result was a dislocated ankle on my left foot from a fragmented break and three torn ligaments that required an extensive surgery to repair the damage and physical therapy for four months to regain use of my limb.

I put the clothing I had chosen for my upper body on. I accessorized my looks by fixing my hair and applying facial lotion and make-up on my face. I dressed fashionably like the typical girl from head to toe despite my diaper needs and the brace I had to wear. I went downstairs to find my Mom making brunch in the kitchen. It would be served when my Dad and brothers returned from their Saturday day game of golf. I sometimes choose to stay in my room to do personal thing like the use of my computer to get on the internet or do other stuff I have in mind. Instead of working off the computer in my room, I chose to use the tablet my brothers gave me as a birthday gift last year to type about my typical day to post on my profile in the “Experience Project” website. On weekdays I have to be out of my room early when I have dress appropriately for work because I need to be in the office by 9am.

Today being a Saturday with no outing plans with friends, I passively cooperated to stay in my hip abduction orthotics for the entire day in an agreement I made with my parent after the recovery of my ankle injury. I promised to maintain a daily average of twelve to fourteen hours of bracing for each week. Despite hating this arrangement, whining about being in my orthotics all day on a Saturday would not get anywhere, but only to put a guilt trip on my parents for the predicament I was in. This arrangement was already a big reduction from the prescription bracing of having to wear the orthotics 24/7 until I could show the doctor my walking problem had been resolved. I cannot walk feet flat on surfaces without the aid of the brace. I cheated by walking in tippy toes without the brace when no family members were around. Walking properly was painful thus I chose to walk in tippy toes. My legs were stretched and forced to make feet flat steps on the surface when I needed to walk.

I really hate being in my orthotics out in public settings because I don't like it when people stare at me and wonder why I have to be in that silly contraption. I really don't want to go anywhere when I am in my orthotics. I already feel lucky that I have convinced my parents to let me be free of my orthotics on the work days when my physical therapy session don’t run simultaneously with my work hours or whenever I have to be outside of the home environment with people other than a family member so I dread Sundays. I have to wear it all day no matter where I go because I am typically at church attending service or holding other activities in the company of the whole family or at least with one of my parents so there is not a single reason for me to feel embarrass about being in my orthotics.

It was never a cumbersome task to change a day diapers when I have to stay in my brace throughout the day. A day diaper was different from a height and thickness of a night time diaper set up I had to wear. It had a lower waistline so there were no interferences with the waist-abdomen cuff of the orthotics. The mobility of the rotating hip joints allowed me from getting a diaper to go around my body. I only had to loosen the Velcro straps of the thigh cuffs so I could lower my pants to deal with the diaper changing. I had been good all day today behaving in my orthotics without a whine of complaint. I wanted to be pampered. I had my Mom baby me when it came to diaper changing. I got on my bed and laid down flat for my Mom to unfasten the Velcro straps of the thigh molds of the brace so she could pull down my pant and unsnap the crotch of my body-stocking to help me change my diapers today. There was no need to release the straps of the waist/abdomen cuff of my orthotics for each day diaper change.

During one diaper change Mom made me alleviate my bowel of the daily fecal waste store in my rectum. She tucked a disposable bowel incontinence diaper pad and a huge under-pad covering up my entire bed top under my behind so I can do my business while I remain lying down in bed. It is possible to sit on the toilet to have my bowel movements without having to remove the brace from my body completely. Mom help me by pressing the pump embedded on my left labia to deflate the circular shaped cuff tucked around the muscles of my anal wall to push the liquid back into the balloon reservoir residing in my pelvic cavity to temporary end my bowel continence ability and my bowel waste will leak without control like the urine in my bladder. Despite being incontinent, I still find it an embarrassment to defecate with my Mom watching it happen. She placed an under-pad over my pelvic area as cover to give me some privacy as I begin to leak. I feel a little strange being an adult having to do my bowel movement lying down in bed. After I release all the fecal waste stored in my rectal cavity onto the disposable bowel incontinence diaper pad, my Mom uses the bowel cleansing wipes to clean my rear like I am a baby and dispose all the soiled absorbent products into the waste receptacle. It actually feels refreshingly new and enjoyable for it helps me recollect my childhood days. Mom places a clean diaper on me and connect the front and back pieces of the body-stocking by snapping the buttons together and have my pants pull back on me properly then she fits my legs back into the thigh cuffs of my orthotics and refastens the Velcro straps before she lets me get off my bed.

Right before I did my final bowel release for the day on the toilet and take my shower in the evening was the only breather time I was allowed to be out of my orthotics. After the shower, I dried myself of the water residual left on my body and I had to prepare for bed. I always had a day time diaper set up ready on my night stand for the next morning. I got a clean full length body-stocking out of my dresser for nightwear and I gathered up my absorbent products for night use from my supplies and arrange the night time diaper set up on my bed. It consisted of a disposable under-pad, a thick diaper and three large booster pads. All the absorbent products I used at night for my bladder incontinence were manufactured by Abena. I walked over to my bed with the absorbent products and night time supplies I needed to use. I pushed my blanket off to one side of bed to unfold the disposable under-pad over a reusable bed pad. I opened up my diaper and lay it on top of the under-pad to prepare it for use by placing one booster pad towards the back panel of diaper. The remaining booster pads were folded into two triple layer stacks and I added them to the midsection and crotch area of the diaper. I got my brace free body onto my bed to sit on top of the diaper set up and laid back. I applied the dual tape tabs on each side to secure the diaper onto my body. I partially sat up to place the night time body-stocking over my head through the crotch opening and placed my arms through the sleeve holes on the sides of the garment. I pulled down the entire garment to cover my entire body and the thick diaper on me. I zipped up the zipper at the crotch. I fitted myself back into my hip abduction orthotics. I lay down in bed and pulled the sheets and blankets on my bed over me. I turned off my lights and call it a day.

I survived with the hip abduction orthotics on me 24 hours straight without a whining to my parents so they would feel sorry for me and free me from the bracing. My Mom treated me with a special banana split for staying in my brace without complaints and resistances. Dad encouraged me if I behaved like today all the time for the rest of this year, the doctor might see progress on the examination of my walking and reduce the prescribed regiment of my orthotics bracing. My parents were trying to conjure me back into wearing the hip abduction orthotics 24/7 which I would never want to do.
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I am not disabled, I just have to wear a brace to help me walk properly. I am urinary incontinent since birth and have other bowel problems. I was bowel incontinent until a little more than a year ago. I had an artificial anal sphincter implanted in my bowels to help me control my fecal elimination. I no longer mess in my diapers. I can mechnically control when I want to have a bowel movement. it is sort of being bowel continent, not like healthy human beings, they control their bowels by natural brain messages. I am in San Francisco, we ca be friends and chat if you like.