Love Being Diapered

  I wear and use diapers as often as possible.  Don't like don't look.  My dream is to wear cloth diapers and plastic panties.
DiaperDan DiaperDan
51-55, M
8 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Cloth Diapers and Plastic Pants are awsome if you are a certain age.
They are probably what you got when you were a baby.
Younger people tend to like disposables.
I use both, but prefer the feel of cloth and plastic pants, Cloth diapers feel really nice wet.

Wish I had a skirt like yours!

Yeah, I'd like to try cloth too. It's hard to mail order things from ebay or whatever when you're hiding it though.

U gota love those plastic panties !!!!!!!!!!

I always use cloth diapers and plastic or rubber pants. Thats what I grew up with and I still love it.

Personaly if I'm going to where iapers like I love to do and wet in them I perfer for them to be disposable.

I like wearing diapers too.

I also really enjoy wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. They're the best! Then, to use them, that's the ultimate thrill!