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My Self As a Teen Baby

Hello I am a twelve year old teen baby. I have always worn diapers because I have Incontinence and I have also had a growth disorder and am now the size of a tall baby. I have been babied for all my life by my family, I have my parents that are always busy with work and three sisters Lily 14, Lizzy 16, and Allysa 18 and have no relitives younger or smaller than me. They have all babied me in every way and diapered me and are my only friends. Since my only friends are my sisters I have had lots of time and have dedicated myself to become an intellegent philosipher and have skipped grades and I am now a freshman in high school. I am basically in many ways a baby my sisters baby me in every single way, I do anything a baby has done usually with my sisters I am the size and looks of a baby, and I can do anything a baby can usually do, I also am afraid very easily and I am afraid of many things, I cry very easily and my sisters baby me and can even hold me on their hip like a baby. I am basically a baby being babied in high school and I am fine with it and I have learned to live with it.(PLEASE COMMENT)

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I have always enjoying story like these, thanks for posting.

I got started on cloth diapers and plastic pants[aka-rubberpants] when i was 14.i am catholic and made my first holy communion at 14.per the parish requirements,us girls had to wear a poofy communion dress and veil with white tights and white mary jane shoes. a cloth diaper and rubberpants were required under our tights.the 7 year old little girls had to wear toddler size rubberpants over their diaper and i had adult size over my made my diaper by sewing 10 of the gerber flat cloth diapers together to make one diaper and pinned it on me with diaper rubberpants were baby style only in the adult size.when i was dressed mom put the diaper,rubberpants and tights on me while i laid on my bed,I liked feeling of being diapered and being like a baby in my white dress and veil.after that i started wearing the diaper and rubberpants to mass,for easter and other holidays and weddings and got to start wearing them to bed.i am now 19 and a baby girl in diapers and rubber pants almost 24/7.

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Sounds nice for some times but I can't imagine all the time :

Sounds nice for some times but I can't imagine all the time :

I was put in diapers over 4 years ago. My doctor did some test to see why my mother is having a hard time trying to get me potty trained again. I don't want to be incontinent and have to wear and us diapers all the time. After all the test results came back she told my mother and me that they show a communicate problem with the nerves that contorl my bladder and bowels. She said it has been going on fore some time and there is little to no communication left. My brain just does not know when my bladder or bowels are full they just release on there own with out giving me any worning first. I don't even know until after I have had to us my diapers. My doctor told my mother and me I am all ways going to need to wear diapers. I REALLY WOULD LIKE NOT TO HAVE TO US DIAPERS ALL THE TIME. Being continent for me is just not going to happen. By seeing othr people on this site I am accepting it more all the time. I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WEARING DIAPERS THAT IS NOT A BABY. My doctor said other then wearing diapers I am about the same as other kids my age.

Hws things going for you theese days?

wow sounds like fun ^_^

i seen two diffrent girls on tv where there still the size of baby. One was 6 and still size of a new born and there other is 16 and size of 1-2 year old. Both still in diapers and wear baby clothes. There is a real syndrome for this and the doctors are still trying to figure it out.

hello :)

i read an article in a magazine about a girl just like you, and i bet its kind of rare so i wonder if it could even be u ?? there were pics of her and everything so i know it was real. she was diapered like a baby an all like u. i kind of understand about ppl babying u because ur small. im small for my age too and no body ever believed my age all my life. it felt good to me to be babied because i didnt have real parents to take care of me, just foster ones. i still wear diapers at night so i wont wet my bed but i like to do it in the daytime some when i can. so i hope u enjoy being babied and i hope u find ur special talent to make u successful in life.




i have no dis order i just like being a baby my mommy stil changes me and i have a crib still and drink out of a bottle at age 15 i love it

Why is it that you're trying to insult peoples' intelligence?

wow do u fit into baby diapers? me and my friend just fit into baby size 6 but have to use tape.......

I would be your friend but Im 16 almost 17 Im 5'3 but only weigh 75 pounds crazy to think I lost 5 pounds in one week but I have 3 kids and one is just turned 3 yesterday and she can walk beter than I can my point is everyone has a disability and no one should be ashamed of it I would probly be one guilty of babying older people because I have babied every friend I ever had and most was older than me.I have also had people try to baby me when I get to far away from the wall and fall or when I get nervous but I dont let them because it would be to weird when I have babys to be treated like a little kid. If you ever need to talk just message me feel free to add me and please know I would never judge you or anyone else.

Something doesn't make sense here: you're a male under the age of 17 and you have three kids. The whole post doesn't make any sense at all. Sorry!

lucky mofo

great! i am not babyed, but im twelve years too and i want to use diapers.

oh thats sad.ive seen people like that and i always feel so very sorry about them.but then again its just life.they have learned to live like that ( i think that would be so hard to do......)!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i be your friend add my msn and your lucky

I suppose some people would say this was a curse, but if someone has a loving family and friends, they can deal with their lifestyle, keep moving forward, and have a wonderful life. All the best to you and God Bless

I can completely relate to your story, I have the same conditons. I have learned to live with it and accept it. I also have had all of my realatives baby me.

i wish i was you so bad... are you a girl or a boy? im a boy and i would give anything to be you... are your sisters nice to you about it? im 13 and i would definately be your friend if i had the chance. my email is if you ever want to chat.<br />

i m not babyed but i have a disorder that is called infantilism that makes me very much a baby

Actually, infantilism is "not a disorder" but merely a harmless lifestyle choice, unless it controls you rather you controlling it.

Hmmm fact or fiction?