I Love to Be Diapered All the Time

hi i am 26 yr old and i still wet my bed thats why i wear diapers my name is lisa i wear diaper during the day to but nobody knows that i wear them i wear them to work food shopen all the time sometimes i fell like a big baby so i suck on a babybottle  i like drinken a babybottle wen i go to bed i sleep real good and i wake up soaked with pee i am glad that i wear diapers i hope i dont get cought wearing them i would be so embarrest
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so are you a genetic girl born with female reproductive parts, i'm just curious, and if you read my post of my life story you'd understand why i am asking this question

why are you so stuck on yourself? I tried to add you as a friend: not allowed?????

<p>If you are wearing diapers all the time, why would you be embarrassed or afraid of what "They" say and think? The majority of folks don't even notice my thick cloth diaper, and I wear them all the time. I don't let people dictate my comfort zone when it comes to the type of undies I perfer. I am in need of diapers so I have conditioned my mind to ignore indignant remarks if somebody should make negetive comments should they spy a bit of diapee sticking out. I am never going to be out of diapers so I aint gunna fret over it. One other thing I say time and time again is I refuse to be clinical about my diapers because wearing clinical makes me feel clinical and I consider myself more colorful in spirit than a shade of grey. If I were face to face with you I would encourage you to keep your diapers on. I would be willing to go as far as helping you maintain an exciting drawer full of diaper covers so you never have to feel bored by minimal selection. LOL</p>

I love wearing diapers day and night being that I have diabetes and can't control when I wet they help a whole lot fun fun :)

What is the brand of diaper you use, it can resist all day. I used a brand that was all empelotada cotton landed at the bottom. Gave the greatest shame. What I do.

I use an Attends Breathable disposable, which I perforate for moisture wicking, as a liner for my cloth diaper. My cloth diaper has another cloth diaper folded for inserting into a regular pre-folded cloth diaper, which I purchase on-line from PlasticPants.com, then one of my myriad of diaper covers over it all. I add layers, disposable or cloth, depending on my mood at the time or how I feel as far as my wetting situation is.

I am 31 f I too have all ways wet the bed I wear 24 7 too

hi i would love to get to know you dear

you sound hot

I love getting caught wearing diapers! It's so much fun wearing five diapers layered on top of each other making it obvious that I'm wearing them, and go out in public shopping for whatever. ;-) I'm Elliot. Does anybody wanna come with me shopping in diapers? 801-502-8259

I Wear Diapers As Well All The Time 24/7 365 Days Of A Year I Wear Them Everywhere I Know Id Be Embarrist To If I Ever I Got Caught Wearing In Public

Wickedangel24 your a good soul and I like your postings. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. If you lived up here in Canada I would feel very privileged to have you on my changing table and pay a little attention to your diapers for you.

Nothing to be ashamed of I have been in diapers all of my life. I was one of the lucky ones who realized I loved to be in diapers and was facilitated in the wearing of them by my family. A diaper is harmless and very comforting / nurturing and has given many years of comfort and emotional peace. Enjoy your diapers.

I've Always Known To And All Of Wat U Said Is Apsolutley True I Just Recently Like About A Month Or So Told My Friends N Family About This Side Of Me And Im Enjoyin The Comfort And Security Of Goodnites For Girls I'll Wear Them Til Forever I Hope This Juggalette Im Talkin To Accepts Me For Me Who I Am N All Whoop Whoop Mcl N Happy New Year Theres Nothin Wrong With Us It Dont Hurt Us Or Anyone Else

do you live in Florida

Abdlbottlegrl, Lisa, Your Pull-Up Looks Great!! Let's Be Friends and we can Chat and Compare Diaper Stories, Thanks, Dave

Honestly I Say Their More Comfortable Since What I Went Through At Age 15 Im Age 24 yrs Old And I Wish I Could Wear Them But I Can't Find A Girl Who I Can wear Them Around

Found Tha Girl But She Well Isnt Abdl
And Its Long Distance Relationship So Idk Well See Whoop Whoop Much Muda ****** Wicked Clown Love To All

Adblbottlegrl, what will you do when you meet Mr. or Ms. Right? They'll eventually find out, right? I can't help but wonder why you do this. .

First off, take an english class. When you're sudjesting that something happens in concourance with another, it's "too" not "to". There are 2 o's. Hyphans and comma's help so it dosn't sound like on long sentance the whole time. On that note, a medical issue shouldn't make you feel required to drink from a bottle. You basicly mock yourself by doing that. And if you don't want anyone to find out you wear diapers, WHY are you advertising it on a web page?!?

I don't think you're in the position to critisize her spelling and grammar. Your spelling is equally as bad.

I think its awsome that you wear diapers all the time. You have no reason to be embarrest. You should be proud to wear them and don't worry about getting caught wearing diapers. And drinking from a bottle is awsome to. Please add me to your circle.

Hi, what kind of diapers do you wear all the time your diapered, what do you drink from your babybottle.I only drink milk and Apple juice.

Hi Baby girl, Im diapered all the time too, but I don't diaper my self, my wife does, and she efeeds me and bathes me.It all happen a while ago, when I had a heart attack and was put on medicine that made me lose my feelings in my hands, arms and from my waist down.All this happening to me made me incontinence.I have been turned into a baby, at least that's what my wife thinks.I do drink babybottles at naptime and bedtime all day and night.My wife has to check my diapers all the time to see if I'm wet or messy.She even let's me lay down on her lap while I drink my babybottle.I even like to smell like a baby, as soon as she changes me.I like the smell of baby powder and baby lotion.I think I turned into big 55 yr old baby, don't you!

You shouldn't be embarrassed! Btw, will you be my friends?

I am 26 also and I wear diapers because I am forced to by my husband. I like wearing them and they help me mentally. I love peeing in them.

Don't worry bout it I wear diapers to.

Feels awesome to wear and wet diapers without anyone knowing. The excitment of it all. What if. Hope you stay a baby girl.

I know where your comng from and trust me I know how does it feels not wanna been caught I am 17 years old and still wear them and no one in the family knews , I like peeing in them but not pooping it get me turned on I would like for us to be friends and chat if you want i can chat with you on cam

The real pity here is your Dyslexia.

The real pity here is your Dyslexia.

I'm just like that.

it is soo fun to wear them be proud to be who you are ^_^

Hey there Lisa i understand, i wear diapers all the time, and guess what? I do not feel ashamed of it at all honey. Do not worry, if people are really your friend, they will not care, i have told a lot of my family and friend,s and not one of them cares, people actually helped me get through it. At first i was ashamed and felt guilty about wearing diapers, now i just go to bed, in a clean diaper, and wake up in a peed in diaper, and change it, and put on a new one, and wear them all day with an average of 3 to 4 diaper changes a day, and i love my life, and my family and friends no one should be ashamed of it, it is not bad, a lot of people go through this, and have to, they have medical conditions, and mine is so bad i am gonna have to be in diapers 24/7 for the rest of my life yet i am not sad, and i love my life :D Rock on girl.


I love wearing diapers. I am incontinent and have been wearing diapers on & off all my life. When I was 6 I started wearing an appliance that irritated my private area. Because of that I went back to wearing diapers on & off until the age of 36. Since then I have been wearing diapers 24/7...My biggest fear is being foujnd out...Anyone coming in my bedroom if the looked in the carton would see a carton full of diapers. I also wear cloth diapers, usually during the day, they are less bulky. For bed, I usually wear a diaper with a soaker inserted in Attends diisposable diaper covered with vinyl pants. I take a water pill before bed so I need a lot of protection. I live in South Florida and during the day I usually wear shorts over my diaper & vinyl pants.. I have been doing it so long I'm sure people know, but no one has ever said anything to me. Everyday I fight off the guilt of wearing diapers. I love the process of changing from a wet to a dry diaper. I would feel complete if I had a friend to play diapers with, someone like me.

i wet the bed to and im 14

I am 19 year old girl and I wear diapers out in public because I do not just pee my diaper but I poop in my diaper too. I sometimes feel embarrest too but it just happens. I feel safe and secure when wearing my diaper.

i always wondered, doesn't that smell though?

i lisa i am in diapers 24/7 but sometimes i like to wet my pants too , i get a big drink and see how much of a funny movie i can watch before i lose control

Do you ever get diaper rash?

i have started to have to wear diapers at night this year. i wouldn't mind wearing all the time but i can't find a quite disposable that wouldn't be noticed... but i admire you for your ability to wear them all the time. 8)

nice. i think that's cute,so in reallity, your an adult baby.<br />
<br />
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i'll change your diaper anytime sweetie time for you to yake a nap now lise baby.I'll check on you later to see if pee peed ok.

I admire you all. I wear one every chance I get but thats not very often. I want so badly to tell the wife but I think it might be more than she can handle.

Don't feel bad about wearind dipers I'm 22 and I love to were dipers. I to would like to find someone who wears dipers as well

Hay don't worry about what others think just be yourself and enjoy wearing them. I wear diapers all the time as well and I don't let it get to me

i'm glad that more women are coming out with their diaper love. i'm not into the AB thing, but i take the position of adrian surley about having an open mind about everything diapers. they are fantastic regardless how you use them or why.

If you need diapers then wear them whether others like it or not. The major percentage of people will not even question you about your use of diapers. Now myself on the other hand may want to know you more, on a personal level, should I ever suspect you were in diapers. I would also have to share the fact of also being in diapers with you. I would love to have a GF who lives diapered full time no matter the circumstance. Marry me and I'll prove my devotion to your need of being in diapers. LOL.

Don't worry about it! Clearly it shouldn't be 'forced' on others by a blatant display of wearing a diaper since many people just don't understand. What you wear under your clothes or at night is a different matter though, and none of their business! If you need a diaper or it feels good, do it!!

I like wearing Diapers As offen as i can . if i could i would be 24/7 but ppl around me would not understand . how do u deal with it ?

hi there my name is darren dont worry about the nappies i started wearing them a year ago and now i love it

Lisa, If you need your diapers for protection, then no one should put you down for it. The enjoying your bottles and other cute things is just a bonus for you. Tell me, who is it you are afraid of finding out?

Lisa don't be embarrassed about wearing diapers. I wear thrm all the time. I wear them under short shorts and sun dresses. I don't care if people know that I am wearing them. When i have to pee all i have to do is spread my legs and let it flow<br />
Am a girl too and am not ashamed to be a diaper gitl

Hey there lisa... my name is David and i am 28 years old and do have autism.. where can i get diapers @?? and i have peed and pooped in my pants @ home... love to sit in my poopy underwear and jeans..

Hi Dave I wear diapers 24/7. For diapers try www.hdis.com or if it is easier try calling them at 1-800-269-4663. I had my docter send them a perscription and now medicaid pays for my diapers and they come by FED EX or one of the other special delivery companys. I do not know wear you live but just try calling them or going online to their site. If you plan to buy the diapers out of your own pocket you do not need a perscription. You only need a perscription if your insurance is going to pay for your diapers. They come in plain brown boxes so even if someone sees them being delivered they will not know what is in the boxs. They will also send you a free catalog so you can choose what you want to buy or so you can order some free samples so you can make up your mind what is best fitting for you. You can even change your kind of diapers if what you get you decide is the wrong brand or size. They even have a automatic delivery were they send them to you every 2 weeks to every 20 weeks. They even ask how many times aday you change your diaper normally and how many times you change your diaper on heavy days and then tell you how many diapers you will need. I get 150 diapers every month but they origanly told me it would be 90 diapers every month. The docter must have had to tell them how many diapers a day I use. So when they finally got the perscription from my docter they told me it would be 150 diapers a month. So thats 60 more diapers a month than what they orignally told me but since medicaid pays for them I am not arguing and I do not run out and have to go out to the store and buy some to cover me untill they send the next shipment. You can also change how many a month you need or how many for every 2 weeks you need. I hope this helps you out. Just so you know I wear diapers 24/7 because I have epilipsy and if I have a seizure I can lose bowel control I have not yet but I have lost control of my urine and when I did I completely wet my diaper and soaked it until it leaked. If the nurse had helped me to the bathroom when I ask her it would not have happened but she said they did not want me out of bed and since I was not alowed out of bed I could not even use the urinal she offered to get me because I need to stand up and I could not get out of bed. They also did nothing to stop the seizures I was having and just left me lieing on agurny in the emergency room. So it was all their fault I soaked my diaper and the gurny. Will I hope I helped you out. have happy hoildays.

Wearing diapers and being a baby is great! Don't worry about who knows...just enjoy!

I will never try to hide my diaper wearing!

after my childhood experiences with bed wetting and made to wear diapers but told what a bad boy i was, i have been striving for that feeling of going to bed with a dry diaper and waking up in the morning with a wet one. its one thing to be awake at night in bed and wet your diaper and another to sleep through it. so all of you out there who can do this i am envious, you are experiencing the one thing i have not. don't worry about it but take it as you are very special.

Don't be emmbaressed and nice photo!

Like I wear them to work and out shopping. During work I hide them well, but when I go out shoping I make sure people can tell that I am diapered, I typically wear bib overhauls, I always leave one side unbutton on the side. You can see my plastic pants clearly. I enjoy my night time bottle too, I normally wake up wet, feels so good. I have been asked if I was wearing a daiper, I told them yes, no big deal

I think theres ALOT more of us out there that are'nt saying they do this or just don't know there are others like them .Its Sure would be alot easier if people did'nt make such a big deal out of this ,After all we ALL have worn a diapers ! Would love to meet a woman into this lifestyle myself .

hi there lisa,<br />
im 26 and my name is jason.you shouldnt feel bad at all.i suffer a bladder incontinence since i was 18,and still wear diapers 24/7 everyone knows.and sometimes my diaper is full when we have visitors over and i may not have time to change.and that can be imbarrassing but should a baby or toddler or disabled feel imbarrassed no,then wh should we.people that dont accept this should get over it and mind there own bussiness.

Don't be embarrassed at all.If you only knew how many adults wear diapers,you wouldn't beleave it.I've been wearing diapers for 8 years and I love it.I don't go around telling everybody I know,but if they find out"so-be-it"If I get hurt and have to go to the hospital,so what they see that all the time.Just think of it as part of life,look on the bright side...they are just panties that you don't have to wash.

I wear diaper and have off and on for allmost 48 years.I love my diaper !Keep your head up it will all work out!

that is so hot i want to **** in a dypre to

Don't be embarrassed by your diaper-wearing... I'd love to find a girl your age who still wears diapers... It's a strange turn-on for me to want to change a grown woman's diaper (how's that for weird) and care for her like a baby.


hi i am an adultbaby boy who likes to wear diapers quite a bit when i can get away with it i luv the feel of them & how comfy it is i like when i wet in them kinda gets a lil warm its kinda like a turn on thing sometimes when i poo in them though

i wear diapers all the time and i wett the bed at night but im 19 i hate diapers im so sick of wetting the bed

i wear diapers all the time and i know what you mean when you say that you don;t want people to find out. Hope you are well.

Hi Lisa. My name's Steve. I wear diapers sometimes too. I'm disabled and diapers help me to be autonomous. Take care.

I have spina bifida {myelomeningocele} and I wear diapers to

Is that comfortable all the time? I would imagine that although it would be nice in theory, you might get sick of it. How long have you worn continuously?

Yeah.. I would say: "Don't worry about wearing a nappy, and I see you like wearing one, so own it - you don't need to be embarrassed. Its the others who find out (if they do) who will be embarrassed - if they choose to be! And that's their affair. You are doing it for a good reason, and if they don't give you the right to decide your own lifestyle, then that's their problem, I say!<br />
Good on you, girl!

I kno J U S T how it is ......

Don't be embarrassed, honey, you can't help it!