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I Love to Be Diapered All the Time

hi i am 26 yr old and i still wet my bed thats why i wear diapers my name is lisa i wear diaper during the day to but nobody knows that i wear them i wear them to work food shopen all the time sometimes i fell like a big baby so i suck on a babybottle  i like drinken a babybottle wen i go to bed i sleep real good and i wake up soaked with pee i am glad that i wear diapers i hope i dont get cought wearing them i would be so embarrest
abdlbottlegrl abdlbottlegrl 26-30, F 74 Responses Jul 1, 2007

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why are you so stuck on yourself? I tried to add you as a friend: not allowed?????

<p>If you are wearing diapers all the time, why would you be embarrassed or afraid of what "They" say and think? The majority of folks don't even notice my thick cloth diaper, and I wear them all the time. I don't let people dictate my comfort zone when it comes to the type of undies I perfer. I am in need of diapers so I have conditioned my mind to ignore indignant remarks if somebody should make negetive comments should they spy a bit of diapee sticking out. I am never going to be out of diapers so I aint gunna fret over it. One other thing I say time and time again is I refuse to be clinical about my diapers because wearing clinical makes me feel clinical and I consider myself more colorful in spirit than a shade of grey. If I were face to face with you I would encourage you to keep your diapers on. I would be willing to go as far as helping you maintain an exciting drawer full of diaper covers so you never have to feel bored by minimal selection. LOL</p>

I love wearing diapers day and night being that I have diabetes and can't control when I wet they help a whole lot fun fun :)

What is the brand of diaper you use, it can resist all day. I used a brand that was all empelotada cotton landed at the bottom. Gave the greatest shame. What I do.

I use an Attends Breathable disposable, which I perforate for moisture wicking, as a liner for my cloth diaper. My cloth diaper has another cloth diaper folded for inserting into a regular pre-folded cloth diaper, which I purchase on-line from, then one of my myriad of diaper covers over it all. I add layers, disposable or cloth, depending on my mood at the time or how I feel as far as my wetting situation is.

I am 31 f I too have all ways wet the bed I wear 24 7 too

hi i would love to get to know you dear

you sound hot

Hi abdlbottlegrl. I'm lisa54 and I wear a diaper to bar at times cause I sometimes do'nt make it home in time. I wear depends ex small to med cause I cant find them in just small and some times I leak.

I love getting caught wearing diapers! It's so much fun wearing five diapers layered on top of each other making it obvious that I'm wearing them, and go out in public shopping for whatever. ;-) I'm Elliot. Does anybody wanna come with me shopping in diapers? 801-502-8259

I Wear Diapers As Well All The Time 24/7 365 Days Of A Year I Wear Them Everywhere I Know Id Be Embarrist To If I Ever I Got Caught Wearing In Public

I wish I wore diapers it seems so much fun!!

Wickedangel24 your a good soul and I like your postings. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. If you lived up here in Canada I would feel very privileged to have you on my changing table and pay a little attention to your diapers for you.

Nothing to be ashamed of I have been in diapers all of my life. I was one of the lucky ones who realized I loved to be in diapers and was facilitated in the wearing of them by my family. A diaper is harmless and very comforting / nurturing and has given many years of comfort and emotional peace. Enjoy your diapers.

I've Always Known To And All Of Wat U Said Is Apsolutley True I Just Recently Like About A Month Or So Told My Friends N Family About This Side Of Me And Im Enjoyin The Comfort And Security Of Goodnites For Girls I'll Wear Them Til Forever I Hope This Juggalette Im Talkin To Accepts Me For Me Who I Am N All Whoop Whoop Mcl N Happy New Year Theres Nothin Wrong With Us It Dont Hurt Us Or Anyone Else

do you live in Florida

Abdlbottlegrl, Lisa, Your Pull-Up Looks Great!! Let's Be Friends and we can Chat and Compare Diaper Stories, Thanks, Dave

Hi lisa. My name is lisa54. I wear diapers when I want to be a little girl again. So feel ashamed. I sometimes go to bars wearing a diaper cause sometimes I dont make it home in time. I just wished I could finde plastic panties cause sometimes I leek.So dont werry about it. Love ya.

lisa54 I love plastic pants too I think I have more than 100 pair you can get them everywhere on the internet I would love to send you some if you want

Hi bailey48442. im lisa54. I enjoy being a little girl at times around home. sometimes when I go to the bar I'll wear a diaper a depens cause sometimes I don't make it home till the last mile I cant hold it any more and I let go and I wet every thing even the seat but I had fun.

Honestly I Say Their More Comfortable Since What I Went Through At Age 15 Im Age 24 yrs Old And I Wish I Could Wear Them But I Can't Find A Girl Who I Can wear Them Around

Found Tha Girl But She Well Isnt Abdl
And Its Long Distance Relationship So Idk Well See Whoop Whoop Much Muda ****** Wicked Clown Love To All

Ithink its fasinating to hear about people that wear dipers. The first of the year I just herd about this. Im a cd my name is lisa 54 I enjoy being a female. Iheard about peoplewearing dipers so I gave it a try not only am I a cd but now Im a little girl sometimes. when I want to wet myself Ill keep in touch.

Adblbottlegrl, what will you do when you meet Mr. or Ms. Right? They'll eventually find out, right? I can't help but wonder why you do this. .

First off, take an english class. When you're sudjesting that something happens in concourance with another, it's "too" not "to". There are 2 o's. Hyphans and comma's help so it dosn't sound like on long sentance the whole time. On that note, a medical issue shouldn't make you feel required to drink from a bottle. You basicly mock yourself by doing that. And if you don't want anyone to find out you wear diapers, WHY are you advertising it on a web page?!?

I don't think you're in the position to critisize her spelling and grammar. Your spelling is equally as bad.

I think its awsome that you wear diapers all the time. You have no reason to be embarrest. You should be proud to wear them and don't worry about getting caught wearing diapers. And drinking from a bottle is awsome to. Please add me to your circle.

Hi, what kind of diapers do you wear all the time your diapered, what do you drink from your babybottle.I only drink milk and Apple juice.

Hi Baby girl, Im diapered all the time too, but I don't diaper my self, my wife does, and she efeeds me and bathes me.It all happen a while ago, when I had a heart attack and was put on medicine that made me lose my feelings in my hands, arms and from my waist down.All this happening to me made me incontinence.I have been turned into a baby, at least that's what my wife thinks.I do drink babybottles at naptime and bedtime all day and night.My wife has to check my diapers all the time to see if I'm wet or messy.She even let's me lay down on her lap while I drink my babybottle.I even like to smell like a baby, as soon as she changes me.I like the smell of baby powder and baby lotion.I think I turned into big 55 yr old baby, don't you!

There is nothing wrong with wearing a diaper or acting like a baby. I've worn diapers for most of my life and no one really cares what kind of underwear you have on Just enjoy it.

You shouldn't be embarrassed! Btw, will you be my friends?

I am 26 also and I wear diapers because I am forced to by my husband. I like wearing them and they help me mentally. I love peeing in them.

Don't worry bout it I wear diapers to.

Don't be ashamed of that that's how you do things it makes you feel secure and comfortable every1 has something that makes them feel comfortable and in your case it's wearing diapers 24/7

Feels awesome to wear and wet diapers without anyone knowing. The excitment of it all. What if. Hope you stay a baby girl.

I know where your comng from and trust me I know how does it feels not wanna been caught I am 17 years old and still wear them and no one in the family knews , I like peeing in them but not pooping it get me turned on I would like for us to be friends and chat if you want i can chat with you on cam