I Wear Pull-ups

I wear Depend pull-ups, because I need to.  As you all know by now, I have a soiling problem, and I need the extra protection to hold the mess, that conventional underwear just doesn't provide.  I find that it also cuts down on my laundry time and bill.  they're expensive, but I'd rather fork out the money for the pull-ups, than put $80 a month on my laundry card.
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I choose the pull ups because they are so easy to put on and take off, plus they fit you well. Add plastic pants and you are dry to go.

To: Karen42...In my personal opinion I have not yet found a pull-up designed for any age or body style that is worth the cost. They just don't seem to hold up for me. Every once in a while I do try them again. Maybe their re-design is better (or worse). But to answer your question: YES and NO. No, they are not designed to be used with plastic pants (depends, etc) Now if you buy cloth one, yes. YES, I wear plastic pants over them just in case they do leak, which they usually do. They are only good for the occasion low flow squirt or dribble. Any large volume of rapid flowing urine will leak out. Perhaps one has to determine their needs and buy absorbent products that are better suited.

I found that two pull ons with a good fitting pair of plastic pants and I can enjoy the wetting the diaper with the discharge I would normally do before going to bed and then spend the whole night without leaks. Even if I go during night -- always at least once - there is still enough "hold" for a big morning discharge. I then get to enjoy the sodden, heavy load while I start to get ready for the new day.

Wearing diapers when you wet the bed is completely normal, they are the bed-wetter's saint. I love them because of the security they give me, and the feeling when I notice that I just day-wetted is extraordinary. Don't feel you are the only one.

Pamper style or cloth foe me.

My kind of sexy underwear!

With the pull ups would a person still need a plastic panty.?<br />
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Do they make pull ups for the larger person?<br />
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i have to wear diapers to and i was wondering if you wanted to be friends

i need to wear diapers for soiling problem also. i wanna wear pullups it doesnt look so weird. i recently started wearing., and im so embarrassed to go out and buy more, even though i need them bad.

I wear Depend pull-ups too! Although many of us incontinent people like the briefs, I find they are too bulky. The pull-ups tend to fit better and are not as obtrusive. In fact, I've been in Depends since they first came out as belted undergarments. I have literally seen how they have evolved and I have no quibble whatsoever with the quality of the pull-ups. I also think they are worth the expense.