My Dilemma

I'm 44yo but look a lot younger. Not bad looking either. Registered incontinent. This means I need protection a lot of the time, always at night. Now it's two years on and I'm worried/scared I'll never get a GF again. Because what woman is gonna want to date you once they find out you wear nappies? I hate this because I don't wear them for fun, it's not my fault either, it's just like a freak of nature I guess. I was really bad at first but now I've come on a long way. I couldn't care less if people know about this besides which no-one is the slightest bit interested in any case. But I love sex and love and and think that's gone for me now which is a horrible way to feel when all you can fear is rejection. So I hoped by joining this group and website it would be for support and to make new friends, least that might happen yet, who knows? Thanks for taking the time to read and I'll check back when i can for any replies.

craig craig
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Craig i wouldnt realy worry abuot it there are alot of women out there that wear and if you dont find one of them but you do find one that truly likes you she would probily be happy you do. i know my ex hated waking up wet and cold

<p>I think a lot of women will understand.After all they wear some kind of protection once a mount for the same reason.To keep there pants or dress clean.As some one said men would think more about it than a woman a lot wear pantie liners and leak. Yours is just bigger protection.</p>

Wearing diapers shouldn't make you feel unloveable and unattachable. It's "the individual" that people fall in love with. All that other stuff--- it's just stuff. You can find love as long as you accept yourself others will too.

if i were a woman id be with you cuz i wear em 2

I told my wife about 2 months ago , about my diaper fedish . She told me then that she like to wear diapers as well . The qustion is if u don't ask the person about it , u will not know how Thay are about the diaper . I though my wife would look down upon me for my diaper fedish . She was mad at me but becouse I never told her untill about 2 months ago. We been together for going on 4 yeard

Don't give up thair is someone out thair that will look past the diaper issue and see you for who you are <br />
I know it's hard having to wear them I have had to for a long time and now I wear all the time do to the fact I have ms and have lost almost all of my control of my blader o and I am only 43 <br />
I sure hope missis right finds you soon

Hang in there! I've delt with varying degress of bladder incontinence since I was 19 years old. Now I need protection of some sort all the time, and frequently wear diapers. I can tell you from experience it does not mean the end of relationships. I've had lots of girlfriends over the years, all aware of my problem and how I manage it. I havent told every women i've been out with about it. . . but there is a point pretty early in each relationship that seemed like there was enough there, and enough trust built to open up about it, and I have never, repeat NEVER had anyone react negatively about it or end the relationship because of it. Perhaps I'm just ridculously lucky, but it seems more likely that people accept it alot easier than you'd think. To be perfectly honest I'm more comfortable telling someone I'm dateing about it than I am telling friends. Guys seem to act strangely about it while in my experience women accept it as no big deal. Now i'm not telling you that you'll never have someone freak out about it, or act stupidly and cruelly, but I will say this. . . if you get out there and date, and take some chances, you will find someone to be with, and when all else is right, you're inco might end up being the least of your relationship problems. (Hey, relationships are complicated!) Anyway, been there done that and can say that inco isnt the end of a love life.

Bedwetting and incontinence should not be a barrier to forming relationships but sadly it often is.

i too am incontinent but i was lucky enough to become incontinent when i was engaged and my fiance is being really supportive. but i am afraid of what others will think. doctors say its my nerves and i will never be continent again. if you want a friend on here you got me :)

Now here is someone who is crying out for help, and needless to say not getting much response from anyone other than one person with a fetish, the man doesn’t need someone to find it sexy for him to wear an adult diaper; he stated that he has no choice. <br />
Craig, it isn’t going to be easy to find anyone that can fully understand what you are going through and to be totally up front and honest it might be a long hard road, however it is true what Diane said, it really shouldn’t matter as long as someone loves you, but it is getting that person to love you, or wait, isn’t true love unconditional? <br />
Diane another thing, you are 100% right about diapers being not uncommon has been that way for years. However our society isn’t quite there yet. I mean think about it this way. We see a baby walking around in a diaper in a front yard and think oh look at the baby, we need a grown person do the same thing and our minds think totally different. All though uncommon, the mindset has not changed much. <br />
Back To Craig, , search with your heart. There is a woman out there for you; she will find you before you find her.

If someone loves you, it is for who you are, not what they want you to be. Diapers are not uncommon amoung adults anymore.

What if you found someone who found it rather sexy, would it make you uncomfortable?

That would work for me! It would be a big step towards the acceptance of the "diaper problem".

As I am also a diaper wearer for need.