Diaper Boy

 i woke up smileing. i was wet. more importantly my bed was wet. i was 4 and poty traind but i missed diapers. i loved them. the night before my mom threatend to put me back in diapers for the rest of my life if i wet the bed again. i drank as much as i could the night before and when i went to go to bed i peed my pants. 15 hours later i was back in diapers all day every day for the rest of my life


she striped me and put a mat on the bed. she told me to lie down i did. she took a fresh diaper out of the bag and diapered me 


for the first time in a year and a half i was diapered. she said i was to were only socks and shirt and a diaper for the rest of my life and that i would be a baby forever

now i know this sounds extream but when you wet the bed for 7 months she could get pissed. she sat me on the floor in the living room and spanked me

i peed imediatly......then pooped she yelled and spanked me but i didn't care i was happy


so i  peed again!  the next morning i woke to my mom picking me up and pouring baby powder in my diaper she patted it and dressed me. she told me i would be alone for an hour and not to try and change myself. while she was gone i loaded my diaper while watching tv when she got back she dressed me and took me to the grocery store. she didn't notice my filled diaper. by the time we got back it was so loaded she spanked me for what felt like 3 weeks. the next week i was in the grocery store and she bought me more diapers while checking out i peed my diaper to the max it leaked.was her expression.


my dad tryed to talk her out of this but it didn't work. she invited the whole family and neibors to see me diapered.

they laughed and laughed. then my to older girl cousins and neighbor about the same age as them kidnaped me. they were all atleast 16teen so they could drive. i said were are we going they said they were taking me to a hide out where other teens there age wore diapers. i thought they were bluffing but they weren't. i was a baby there for many years i shall now tell you what happend after the car was parked next to a wear house. they picked me up and carried me into the warehouse. It looked abandend but i was wrong first they laid me down wearing nothing but a diaper. They then ******** into nothing but a diaper too. Then hundreds of people dressed the same reveiled them selves and boy was i scared.then the leader wearing a diaper but also a hat. he told the girls to lay me on an iron table then they changed me little did i know he would soon be incharge of me untill i was ten.all those years i was treated like a baby. then every thing would change to be continud.so i was diapered and babied untill i was 10. then i was told i had to find a girl and diaper her! I know crazy huh! by the way this story is totally fake. any way i had to pick some one in 2 weeks and become her baby

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Oh i figured it out the first censor is supposed to be ********, and the last 2 should be diaper. Sorry to confuse you I'm not that perverted!

Why isn't this story unnder abdl stories? Sorry if you thought this was true, and what are those censored words? I really hope there not what I think they are! What is wrong with me!

got rediapered at 12 wet every nite since always felt the need to be a big baby at nite love feeling little

fake or not sounds like a neat place to meet another adult baby . just a matter of getting everyone on <br />
this site that wears a diaper to get together for a party.

Type your comment here...that is nothing to me I am 15 and my parents still make me wear diapers all my teachers no and if I go in my diaper my helper has to chang me

So what that was nothing I m 15 and I still wear diapers all my friends and family no I still do. Even my school teacher no and I go poo or pee my help has to change me. It really sucks especailly when we go on trips and people watch me get my diaper changed in front of them or around the corner. Also when it is a stay over trip and I poo in bed the helped must come in and change me in front of everyone

srry wouldnt and i cant afford to buy the diapers my self yet...

hi... im the same but im scared of telling my parents or brother and if i peed in my bed after being potty trained for like 10 years my mom would buy me diapers. any suggestions?

this is what you do.. put on a diaper walk out in front of her and say i'm a baby or make me were diapers.............. or drink a lot one day. then pee yourself while in bed every night untill she makes you were them. or just poop yourself untill she makes you were diapers

Nice story. Too bad it's only a story, but a good one nonetheless. :)