I'm Just a Toddler In Diapers

I never really grew out of diapers, because I never really grew up.  I remember being in wet cloth diapers and plastic pants at a young age.  I am the youngest boy in my family, and even after I was potty trained, I was still constantly treated like a baby - even by my Grandmother, not to mention my older siblings, and also my mom, to this very day.  As a result I figured at some point what the heck?  Maybe I should just get used to being a baby in diapers.  As I have grown older, I have reached the point that I like pretending to be in a diaper commercial and being the little baby that I am...
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Why do I miss out all the time?

May your diapers be wet, and your baby bottles be full!

How great it would be, to be able to just be a baby!

Good story just keep it up.I started a lot latter but I love it.As far as I'm conserened diaper's ARE underwear.

My husband sees diapers as underwear also.

A garment worn under other clothing is an undergarment. And material for wearing under other clothing is underwear. In a literal context clothing is underwear just like loincloths.