Tried Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are easy to care for:

There's a lot of advice on-line under baby care for cloth diapers.  Here's my routine:

Just rinse out wet or soiled diapers with warm water after use, wring out and put in the washer.  Rinse plastic pants and let hang dry - you can re-use them next day when dry.  Wash plastic pants once per week, unless they get really dirty (poopy). No need for a diaper pail. Every three days or so turn the machine on and wash.  At that point you can put your onesies and plastic pants in too. Don't wait more than 4 days or the washer will get stinky.

    Machine wash in warm setting with Dreft detergent; it's a mild detergent suitable for diapers and baby clothes and has a nice light baby powder scent! Dry on, high until just slightly damp and hang up on a wash line for a day- indoor or outdoor to finish drying.

   If you use gauze diapers, they dry pretty fast and quilt (puff up) nice to make them nice and absorbent. The only thing you need after this are some 3" Dritz blanket pins and rubber pants. A onesie helps by keeping the diaper from sagging especially when wet.

   Once you are set up, you can expect cloth diapers to last a year or more. I figure I am only spending about $0.30 per day (for night time only and some limited day coverage). Now that's cheap. I also like to wash my stuff at a laundromat. The commercial machines can handle the heavy load; cloth diapers are heavy when wet, and spin them almost dry.  I do get some strange looks though when I take those large gauze diapers out of the dryer and fold them.

   I also have a very low instances to diaper rash, something I am sensitive to. If I am in a wet diaper too long, my skin gets red as a beet in the diaper area.

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The pocket diapers I bought from Snap-EZ4Life dry very, very fast (without the stuffer pad) and they recommend that you dry them on high heat to insure that the PUL la<x>yer reseals itself continuously over time if it were to ever get a pin hole. I've not had that happen. The stuffable pads dry faster than with an AIO since they are separate. Also, you can add just the amount of absorbancy that you desire. In my case, I use a small pad or a diaper doubler with a disposable just to keep any possible moisture in the diaper. I only wish they had even more fun patterns than they do. They are fun to wear and to look at while wearing. Any way, I really recommend them. They are well-made and the owner is serious about quality.

I didn't know they made pocket diapers in adult sizes. I'm going to look into it. I've tried all-in-ones and some lined plastic pants over the years. The all-in-ones take forever to dry and tend to get smelly. The lined plasic pants are cute and fun, but they tended to (the liner) soak wetness to the leg bands and cause leg leaks. It made a lot more laundry for me.

I enjoy disposables more than cloth, however, I've been really surprised how much I like to wear pocket diapers as covers over my disposable diapers. They are fun and thick and colorful. I also like lined plastic pants because I like to touch them, but the pocket diapers I've gotten from Snap-Ez4Life even seem to please my wife!

Kelly is right 4 me too. Gloth only way.

Thanks for your input. For my own part, I was raised in cloth diaper and cloth training pants (60's and 70's), so that's what I feel most comfortable in.

I wouldn't go back to disposables now. I wet in my sleep every night so I use terries and plastic pants. Less leaks and far more comfortable. You have some good points there.

Cool. Glad you liked that. I have heard some comments that gauze gets 'mushy' when very wet, but for me, it seems to keep my skin drier. I also am a side sleeper also. The two problems I have had are:<br />
<br />
1) Pinning the diaper so the pins don't come un-snapped or dig into your side, even if still fastened. It's no fun being woken up from a sound sleep by a jab from a three inch diaper pin! Ouch!<br />
<br />
Solution: I pre-pin the diaper, putting the pins toward the front. Then I pull the diaper on like a brief. It fits a little looser than if you pinned it on yourself. However, you can pull it off if you have to go and are awake, saving on laundry. Also, if you wear a onesie ("diaper shirt") over the diaper and plastic pants, it will keep everything in place. <br />
<br />
2) Propping your legs to keep the bulk of the diaper from sqeezing your legs on the insides.<br />
<br />
Solution: I put a pillow with a waterproof cover and a regular cover between my legs, around the level of my knees and calf to keep my legs a little apart. This works really well for me.<br />
<br />
I have had problems with leaks in the past. I have a plastic mattress cover under my fitted sheet to minimize the laundry in the event of a leak.<br />
<br />
Another good tip: Do not use fabric softener, it decreases the diaper's absorbancy. Instead, put one cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener cup or add it to the final rinse. This will keep your diapers nice and white and fresh smelling! Again, this was gleaned from a number of 'mommy' websites, I have been doing it for some time, and it works.<br />
Use vinegar in the pre-wash if your diapers have a strong poopy smell, stale urine odor or poop or pee stains.<br />
<br />
Anyway, have fun, sleep soundly and stay dry. Kelly.

Good to know for all the new cloth diaper wearers out there. Cloth is the best for nighttime, especially if you sleep on your side. I have never leaked wearing a cloth diaper. And gauze is the best of the best. Nice and soft and they get softer with each washing. Air drying is essential for them to last and get thicker each time. Thanks for the info Kelly! Good job!