Airport Screening. A Problem?

I'm going to a meeting in Amsterdam in a few days time as part of a little delegation from our company. I have to wear nappies at night, which is no problem (well, it is I suppose but that's another matter) but because of the occasional urgency problems during the day I always feel a bit safer if I'm wearing when I travel. I'm a bit worried about the new screening machines at airports and whether a diaper will show. An alternative is to do what I sometimes do when I'm going out drinking or travelling within the UK, and that's to wear a couple of extra absorbent pairs of Tiger underpants with plastic pants over them (they're not so bulky, in fact I can wear stylish jeans with them and no-one knows a thing!). Does anyone have any idea if these would look suspicious in the airport scanner? If it comes to it I can live with having to admit my problem to someone at airport security, but as I'll be travelling with work colleagues it would be a bit more awkward than when I'm travelling alone or with a friend.  My boss knows about it but no-one else does.

 Has anyone been through one of these scanners yet or have any thoughts, or some inside knowledge of how the process works?

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I wear diapers and am Bi and i do not care if TSA sees my diapers.
I wear all the time and the only times TSA gives me a problem is if my diaper is wet.
If its dry you will go right through.
I wear a belted pad inside my diaper and if wet i can just slip into a restroom just before going through TSA and pull it out leaving just the dry diaper.
I wear Bambino Teddy diapers when i fly because they are super absorbent. so if they want to do a search they see a cute diaper.

i went to thge uk once in the last few months and 4 some odd reason if i fall asleep on the plane i went my self a lot and i wore diapers on the way we where leaving and the scanner deteced nothing and i was with a friend who knew so even if they checked me [which i doubt since ima 15] i wouldnt b embrassed

hiyas i did that once they dont come up on

The TSA doesn't ask anything discreetly.<br />
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You might have made it through OK in February, but good luck on your next trip. Now in Nov 2010, you have the choice of the nude body scan or a very hands-on groping in front of everyone. Don't think the guy groping your balls isn't going to wonder about all that extra material between your legs he will be feeling.<br />
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Sure, he might ask you to open your pants so he can take a peek. Or ask you loudly in front of your colleagues if you are wearing diapers.<br />
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As one person suggested, just ditch the diapers and change into them once you're through security. Of course, be aware that your carry-on might be hand-searched and a TSA employee might hold them up in the air in front of everyone.<br />
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Anyway, a few things to think about.<br />
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Happy flying!

Tiger undies are great ..arent they?? I am wearing a wet pair right now.

I`ve been throughscanners fully nappid (disposable0 numerous times with no problems.

I have no experience with scanners, and as I only wet at night that wouldn't be a problem anyways, but security people have found diapers and plastic pants in my luggage on occasion, and it's never led to any embarrassing situations - although it didn't feel that way to me: I felt awkward to say the least, seeing someone go thru my plastic pants. They do look as if they're being used, and of course they are... Being a teen bedwetter is not ALL fun. So I can understand your feelings very well, and I'm glad it all worked out fine.

Thanks everyone. In the end I wore some Depends pull-ups for the journey. There was no difficulty with the scanner, though I thought I detected a slight hesitation from the guy and maybe a slight smile as he said okay, but that could have been my imagination. I was thinking so much about the scanner before I left that I forgot the far more dangerous possibilities of sitting through two days of meetings and two nights on the town with my work colleagues. There was one mishap but the attends pull-ups with plastic pants saw me through. I don't think they showed under my jeans on our nights out, just made me look a bit well-endowed at the front!

If you think you can risk being unprotected for a little while, you could take off your incontinence pants when you get to the airport, put them in your hand baggage and then put them on again after you've been through security. Though I agree with the others, it shouldn't really be a problem whatever you decide to do. I know that some people who enjoy wearing diapers don't really see the problem, but I can understand why someone in Iggy's position finds it seriously embarrassing.

I don't think you're panicking about nothing, and I wouldn't like to be in your shoes (or your pants). As soon as you step into the scanner an alarm will go off and lights will start flashing, a big bright red arrow might even point down from the ceiling. The guy operating the scanner will shout across to the other security people 'Hey, we've got a bloke here who's nappy needs checking!' A whole load of guys and sniffer dogs will march you off through the crowds of jeering and laughing people.<br />
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Alternatively, you could just go in the scanner, the guy will see the kind of underwear he will by then have seen many times before and you'll be allowed to go on your way with a reassuring smile.