I Do Sometimes...

I take meds; which sometimes makes me constipated.  I have to do either enemas or suppositories to be able to go.   When doing that; sometimes things just "shoot out"; and after a few times of ruining clothes; and things running down my legs; I decided to try adult diapers.  This seems to contain the mess very well.  The problem is; my wife thinks Im sick for wearing diapers and thinks Im into some sort of fetish; which is not the case.  It seems like this was just a practical solution.

Do think Im being weird for doing this?  She still gets mad at me every time I do this.  What would you do?

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6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I do have one of those too; but my legs still fall asleep if Im on there too long. Yes; I also have a magazine rack in there too! In my case; the diapers are for convienience and not a neccessity. As I learned from the blogs on here; people have all sorts of reasons for using diapers. Im surprised the makers of diapers dont market them differently; if they read the posts on this site!

Well; sometimes it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to go; and I dont want to sit on the toilet for all that time. Id rather spend my time doing something else. I wouldnt want to wear them 24/7 though; and I feel for those that have to. I am amazed at the stories on here; of those that wear them for all the various reasons, whether because they need to; for convienience or for pleasure. Makes you wonder how many people are out there walking around in diapers and no one knows.

If I was using a suppository to make me poop, I'd sit on the toilet, while it did its thing. I wouldn't use diapers at all. Sorry, I grew up in diapers 24/7.

I was really enlightened after reading these posts. After I had used them; I thought it would be a good idea to use them for traveling long times in a car; or at the theatre etc; but apparently; everyone seems to have already done this. Its a very well kept secret it seems. I would think the marketing of adult diapers should take off on other applications; and not just really old incontinent people. I just want to get the word out; we are not weird for doing this. Thanks for sharing.

My girl gets mad at me when I purposely poop my diaper ALOT, she can only tolerate it sometimes & she don't like it when I purposely poop my diaper in public when I want to do it. If you need to wear diapers for your problem I think it's the best solution for you, better than facing extreme embarrassment & much ruined clothes. I certainly don't think you are weird at all for needing to wear diapers. I wear them too & I love them! xoxo Martine

Ask her if she thinks messy clothes is a better option.