I Was Forced To Wear Diapers

This week was harsh. I was on babysit duty. My neighbors wanted to go on vacation so they choose me to babysit. I had to babysit one child. A 6 year old brat that was still in diapers. Her name was Jessica. She was cute and all but stubborn. My neighbors said 4 days. It was reasonably not that painful. Jessica was very smart too. Her parents were very odd and told me that she could miss school. I too had to miss school. It started well I made her diner and she ate it all. After she told me her diaper was wet and I changed it. She went to bed on time, I stayed up, etc. The next 2 day continued very well. The last day came and it was bad... The morning came and it came early. Jessica woke up at 2 and didn't go backup sleep. We watched kid shows for 3 hours straght. 5 o'clock came and she her diaper again. I changed it but she asked some question and I sleepily answered yes everytime. I finished changing her and then she asked," you really think diapers make me look silly?" I tried to tell her other wise but she didn't want no as an aswer. She Said, " no you said..." or " your lyyyyiiinnnngggg" and after she anounced ," I'm telling mommy" I was speachless. I then thought I can just convince her by the end of the day. NO. She was on the phone talking. Her parents were coming home early now for wat I said. I waited until they came. And we went through the problem. It was 1:00. We talked for and i told it was a mistake. Thankfully they believed me. I said," diapers don't make Jessica look silly." then Jessica told me ," then you wear them." Her parents thought this was a good idea and went out to the store to get diapers for me. I was shocked. How could this happen! They came back and told me that I wasn't aloud to go to the bathroom for two days( they were going to go on another day of vacation. So they left once again and I put on the diaper. I looked in the mirror and saw a bulgde on my bottom. Jessica did too and kept reminding me. She kept laughing. I really had to pee but didn't want to wet myself so held it in. Jessica saw my desperation and secretly pretened not to. She proposed a " tea party" she got water instead of tea and madE me drink 5 cups. It was 7:00 so I made dinner and for once that day everyting went well. Jessica ate her diner once again and ignored my desperation. I changed her diaper in silence. We went to bed on time and I was able sleep through my desperation . I got into my tight summer pjs, t shirt and shorts , ( they keep the heat at 90!!!!) Went to the guest bed and slept. I don't know how long or wat time it was but all I knew was that my hand was in soothing warm water and a little girl over my head. I was in the middle of peeing my diaper! I couldn't control it ethier. Jessica was grinning and starred. Not before long, my diaper was leaking uncontrolably. The bed was soaked, my white shorts were soaked and easy to see through and everything smelt terrible. To make it worse, the doorbell rang and Jessica ran to get rid of the warm water and got the door. She started to scream," Mommy, Mommy, She wet the bed, she wet the bed and it smells so bad!!! She's disgusting!" that mastermind planned it perfectly! They came up to see me in these soaked clothes of mine. Not letting me say a word , pushed me out of their house telling me that my stuff will come the next day. So I walked to my home in my soaked pjs, cold, humilated , and smelling terrible. I don't think I'm ever going to babysit her ever again...
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seriously, NEVER babysit her again. that's my advice.

If this was true, why would the parents ring their own doorbell?

i feel so sorry for you

what a little ***** she is. I would spank her little butt so it gets so red she could not sit down..The parents are stupid too

Tie her parrents to a chair and diaper them

I wanna tear tht brat to pieces

That is so mean of her.

thats rough
but why didnt you just use it and then change yourself?

That almost same exact thing happened to me too

I am not saying that this didn't happen but you said she was 6 in your story and 4 in your t comment. I exaggerate a lot too, but when you exaggerate so much you talk about things that only happened in your head that tends toward not telling the truth. Either way dececnt story if it did happen you definately shouldn't have done it, if some random person told me to wear a diaper for insulting their kid I would tell them very politely wear to stick that diaper and I like wearing diapers.

nice storey

should have put on multiple diapers and rubber pants on to prevent any leakage

their your neighbors! not your parents! you didn't have to listen to them!

What the hell that's so mean! I would like be in rage if someone did that to me.

i actually kind of find it HOT! idk y.

It depends, if you some how think you can prevent this from happening, then no. But if you believe hope is gone... Then just wear them.

ok so im a thirteen year old girl and I cant stop wetting the bed and I have to wash my sheets every days and my mom buys me diapers all the time and I just put the me a my closet so I have a whole closet full of them cause my mom buys a new bags of um every week and ive never ever used no.them so my question I so for mostly moms (should I used them ?)

I wish that happen to me I love wearing diapers. but not the hole pee flood thing

I do admit this can be very unbelievable due to my "stretching the truth"<br />
the little girl wasn't a mastermind, she didn't plan it, she honestly got lucky.<br />
"pushed out" is a strected version of " escorted". The walk home sounded long and painful, I'm their neighbor mean it was short ands I changed after When they told me to go into diapers, it wasn't 5 minutes. It took a pretty long time to find a punishment. Plus it's not credible that her parents came right away... She Is an only child, spoiled, cute 4 year old girl. They are the kind of people who didn't want their "angel" to be sad of mad at them. Why did I listen to them? At thatt point I was thinking I was still getting paid with the resonable money.<br />
<br />
P.S. I do not apreciate people posting negative comments (not naming anyone...) if u have a stupid complant ignore it and keep it to yourself. If it's that much of a problem, send a message to ME!!! I find it rude, disrespectful and just plain mean to insult an experience. "Future reference" no bad comments!

This sounds like a fantasy.... It is a lie!

these people seem so weird to not want you to go to the bathroom for 2 days, like WTF is wrong with them? I certainly wouldn't listen to them or take orders or want to be around them again!