No Toilet Atall All Day

hello everyone id jsut like to share a little experiance  about how i wore a diaper and dint use the toilet atall all day just the same diaper till it leacked. then put on another for my before bed pee pee.  thats a breif  over view now for the story itself.


the date was last saterday i think 6th feb 2010 

i woke up  at about 930 and was in need of a pee alittle so i put on my pull up diaper which was a depends super plus pant. I put it on and had my pee  and decided ot myslef  i wil lnot use the toielt atall to day il lbe liek a real little girl and use my panties and diaper every time  exept for pooping cos i cnat deal with diaper pooping . im sure yo uunderstand why dont you?


so as the day wore on at about 11 i needed another wewe so i just let it out  bit by bit to give it chance to absorb. and later on about 130 ish isudnely got i need to pee really bad  and it overcmae me and i had na acidnet that could  not stop but luckily the nappy pull up held . but the accidnet concerned me slightly but idint worry  since my diaper held.  by the time evning came i had peed about 5 times jsut bit by bit  each time then finelly i peed without my pants on and i could tellit was full buti finished my pee.

Then i sat down on an absorbant mat that i had for chaging myslef incasei everpooped my slef. the ywere disposable oens but then asisat and felt the warm pee  leack out of the back while sat down it felt great and aroused me alittle . then i wiped  down and put on another for the rest of the night ..


and that is my story  about the day i wore a diaper all day without any toileting and i renjoeyed it . thank you for reading   more stories coming soon 


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i love diapers pooping for me just feels so good and squishing it just take a shower after your done squishing it

lol yep i suppose i did

i use pullups that dont get too hot and i dont wet the bed so it wouldnt leak and they are silent cos of there design or very nearly

They are way too hot to wear all day; I could never do that; and even with plastic pullovers; it will still leak overnite...Also; what do you do about the rustling sound? I cant imagine having that sound out in public...

depends how wet they are inititially and mine were breathable and comfortable i had to change my nappy a about 6pm that evneing

I dont know how anyone could wear them all day; (or all night) they get way too hot and uncomfortable, Dont they leak overnight when youre laying down?

them theres is 2 both i ni wear diapers but another in ai wet pullups i think but il lhave to chek best bet is jsut search for stroeis by little lovestar

i have done the story is called my first post baby diaper experiances i think and its inthis group<br />
<br />
and raby im not incontinet but i do sometimes put sleep matso nmy bed for comfort

no i said i dont like pooping ive tried it a few times somtiems its good somtiems its jsut mess. i had the mat incase my nappy pant leaked when i sat down for a change

not the best day ever realyl jsut an experiament that wasasuccess if oy uwant ot know my first ever nappy i wil lwirte a story about it and post it in this group okay then you cna have alook for yoruslef so i dont have ot do individual acconuts of it okay.