First Postbaby Diaper Experiances

the first one i ever tried on was actually a Disney princess pull up when i was much younger  and a baby diaper before that that i found under the stairs  when clearing out a under stairs cupboard in my old house i found some there . after that  i think i  treid on the pull up mentioned that i used far too much and ended up leaking and dad asked if id wet myself  cos it was late at nigh. it was so embarrassing and humiliating cos  i couldnt deny or hide it  but luckily they were understanding .  i was watchign a program with them. that i was  engrossed in  aswell. i dint actully wet myself  but what else could i say to them.

the first one i baught myslef was a drynite package back when they were unisex. then wnet for the girls ones when they became  split gender . after that i tried staydry diapers form boots that were proper baby diapers but they dint fit me well and always leacked so now i use depends.

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so do it its one of my betterones i think

i love this story

i like these cos they hold well rarly leak and are farirly comfortable evne in hot weather .

i like depends too

whys that love they arnt relly that differnt t o boys diapers? oftne its just designs and padding changes to meet needs

Diapers are great! I would love to wear girls diapers!

i dint have to i wil lsend one to yo uokay see how that works

okay nop roblem my freind

what did you think i mean all along i was saying we cna share msns adress or gyou cna give me your yahoo and ill add you or pm me another adress to contact you on

i have yahoo or you cna give me an online freindsonly adresss or give me your yahooon il ladde it to msn <br />
pm = private message

i meant over pm and i have yahoo but prefer msn

after 9 i sidint wear them for ages till i was about 14 when i baught my first set why dotn we chat iverpm and add to each others circle

drynitesare better ithink and i found the baby diapers cos it was leftover from my brothers childhood who is 4 years younger hten me he was 4 or 5 at that time whe ni found the diapers i was 8 or 9 iforget which maybe 10

my peasure freind i dint really explai nthe types jsut waht ive used

Must find out more about different brands and where to egt them and which hold the most<br />
<br />
Anyone any comments<br />
<br />
And thanks for explaining it all<br />
<br />
deryck x