How I Started Wearing Diapers

Once I was at my friend Kacey's house for a sleepover. When I was changing I saw that one of the girls, Jessica was wearing a goodnite. So I told all the other girls at the sleepover. Everyone laughed at Jessica so Jessica started to cry. She told Kacey's mom. Kacey's mom got kinda mad at me so she said since we all laughed at Jessice we were all to wear a goodnite that night. So she went to wall-mart and bought a package of goodnites. We all put one on. We all asked Jessica why she had to wear a goodnite. She said it was because she had started bedwetting about 3 weeks ago. We all said we felt bad for her. And we said that we hope since we were all wearing goodnites, that she would probably wake up with a dry diaper, like the rest of us since we had never wet since we were little kids.


Finally we all played monopoly. And ate dinner. We didn't drink anything after 5'o clock. (To help Jessica feel better). Finally we all went to bed. We were all thirsty but we didn't drink anything after 5 because of Jessica.

We slept.

In the morning Jessica woke up with a dry diaper! We all congratulated her. She was really happy. When it was my turn to change in the bathroom, I went inside and took off my goodnite. Guess what? It was wet! I had peed in the goodnite withought even noticing. I wrapped it in my pj's and put it in my overnight bag.

Kacey's mom told us to give her back all the goodnites. Oh no! She called Jessica's mom and told her Jessica had a dry night. She counted 14 goodnites. "Were is the 15'th" she asked us. None of us answered. So when we were at breakfast she went through our bags and found my peed goodnite. She didn't tell any of us. But apparently she had called my mom. So when I got home my mom had bought me underjams. So that night she put one on me and told me she would give them to jessica's mom if I didn't pee. I was sure I wouln't so I agreed. In the morning I did pee. My mom took me to the doctor and the doctor said that I was officially a bedwetter. So from then on I wore diapers every night.

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I was 14 and spending a weekend with my aunt and my three girl cousins. three of us stayed in the same room because we were about the same age. the first night there I wet the bed. i was sharing it with one of my cousins. she told her mother in the morning and my aunt came in and told me to go take a shower clean up. I had worn my only pair of under wear under my pjs. When I got out of the shower I put on one of my cousins's robes. My aunthood me she'd out my shorts and pajamas in the wash. she then asked my cousin Katie to get a pair of her panties for me to wear. She gave me some pink nylon panties with lace panels on the side. I felt weird but when i was putting them on i got a funny, really warm feeling. I wore the panties all day under my jeans and really liked it. When it was time to get ready for bed my aunt said she had talked to my mom and that I was going to wear a diaper that night. Before I could say anything she told me my cousin Jayne who was a year older than i, had to wear them too and I'd be wearing one of hers. Then she told me to take my jeans and panties off and she put the diaper on me. I don't argue but undress and laid down on the bed. After she had diapered me she asked my cousin to get a pair of plastic panties. They were the pull-on kind. she helped me pull them up over the diaper. They were sort of tight but not uncomfortable. My cousin Jayne came in before I put my pajamas on and he had her diaper and plastic panties on. she said she just wanted me to feel OK. we watched tv for while and everything was OK. Later when we were in bed my cousin Katie asked me what it felt like to wear a diaper. I told her it wasn't bad but that he pajamas made it a little uncomfortable. she suggested I take off the bottoms so I did. Then she took her bottoms off and only had on her panties and a t shirt. I'd never seen her without a bra and her breasts were really nice. In the morning my aunt came in and asked if I was dry and I told her I was. she asked me if i wanted to wear a diaper during the day and said I thought maybe I should so I kept it on all day. She put a fresh diaper on me that night. The next day when I woke up I was dry again. Jayne asked me if I wanted to wear a diaper that day and I said no but then without thinking I said, "i'd like to wear panties again." She was surprised but said "OK" "You can wear a pair of mine." She went and got me a pair of white nylon panties with a lace flower on the side. She asked me why I wanted to wear panties and I told her I'd work Katie's the day before and I liked them. I stayed there three more days. I wore a diaper and plastic panties every night. The girls and I sat around in the evening and all I wore was my diaper and a t-shirt. Katie and Annie just wore panties with their Pj tops and Jayne was in her diaper and plastic panties like me . I felt just like one of the girls. During the day I wore panties and by the time I went home decided I'd wear panties. I knew I'd be wearing diapers at night but I told my mom I like panties and asked if could wear them. When I was sixteen I wanted to start wearing makeup. My cousins supported me. I gradually realized that I really wanted to be a girl and that started me on the path.

I wear them 24/7 and I love my diapys and use them on purpose.

Right now I'm wearing a diaper

serves you right

wow i had the same thing but 3 of us woke up wet and 2 did not wow me and the other 2 girls at the sleepover are now big bedwetters and wear daipers funny how stuff like that can come about

Cute story

Nice story i neverd stoped wearing diapers when i get in trouble she dresses me in a onesee for at least 3 months it's very embarrassing and it matches my princess diaper and i am an 18 year old man she even changes me in walmart girls bathroom in front of teenage girls by the way my name is nicholas

great story :)

That is Cool Very Lucky Girl!! I love to wear Wet Diapers!! Especially Girls Wet Diapers!!

that's carma and luky

You lucky girl

how is it now?

i wish that happend to me i wish i knew some people that wet the bed and this happened

maybe this is what happens when you kindly made fun of others that the problem tun back on the one that does this but the storie was reall great

Isn't it amazing how so many people 'wish it would happen to me'? i wonder if they would feel that way if it did.


I love to wear diapers! I dont need them for a medical reason. I just like to wear them!!<br />
And that was a awesome story!! :)

That's weird how it happened that night when you had the goodnite on. I started wetting again at thirteen for no reason at all, but i'm glad it didn't start at a sleepover!

That's weird how it happened that night when you had the goodnite on. I started wetting again at thirteen for no reason at all, but i'm glad it didn't start at a sleepover!

i wear diapers just for the fun of it and im 12. My mum and dad or brother dont know though! i wish what happend to you happend to me!

that is just crazy

Its a true story! And It was one of the worst things that happened at that time :(<br />
Now Im O.K With it

Great story, I enjoyed reading it :)

Great story, I enjoyed reading it :)

Thanks for sharing.

i bert yo udint wet during the night i bet oy uwet while wearing it before sleep cos you were rally engaged in what yo uwwere doing in know somitme s if im diapered and really into somthing i may rarly pee without thinking