I had always been a bed wetter. When I was 13 my mom bought a "wetters alarm" to "cure" me. I was so excited the first morning I woke up dry. I was sure that I would soon be able to sleep over at my friends houses and go camping like everyone else, and I did. I found over time that I missed the diapers. I began to buy and sneak diapers back in the house and wore them as often as I could. When I was 22 I met my current wife and devoted to her I had resolved to not wear diapers any more. I had felt as though she, like many others, would not understand the want or need to be diapered. Little did I know that less than three years later I would be completely incontinent due to an unfortunate bull dozer accident and some permanent nerve scaring. HURRAY FOR ME! 

theegrim theegrim
26-30, M
Feb 22, 2010